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The Backpod – a logical response to the iHunch

  • ?The Backpod is an international award-winning spinal fulcrum device and home programme which will significantly help your patients and also make your life easier.
  • The iHunch is now the biggest presenting upper spinal problem in the computer-savvy world.? Recent indications are that upper back and neck pain have now passed low back pain numbers, for the first time ever.? The clear driver is laptops, tablets and smartphones – which cannot be set up ergonomically correctly, because their screens do not separate from their keyboards.? See the good referenced article on the iHunch on Wikipedia.
  • The Backpod?s simple home programme of stretching and strengthening exercises, massage and posture addresses each component.? So patients get a practical package for their own follow-on home treatment and ongoing self care. Of course you?ll want to add specific extras but this gives the patient the practical framework needed for their own ongoing care.
  • The Backpod itself is specifically designed to stretch the shortened ligaments, joint capsules and fascia holding a chronically hunched thoracic spine in its excessive kyphosis.? Collagen is tough and best stretched passively for longer than a minute.? Hands-on treatments, including manipulation, do not do this – so improvements tend to be lost due to collagen rebound.? After the specific hands-on treatment needed for a particular patient, adding sustained collagen stretching by the Backpod allows the improvements to last.
  • Other spinal fulcrums exist.? However, rolled towels and tennis balls are are too squashy.? Foam rollers and all balls are unstable, so reflex muscle contraction will oppose the collagen stretch.? The cylindrical shape of a foam roller cannot exert much localised force on costovertebral joints; the peaked shape and construction of the Backpod does.
  • The Backpod is suitable for almost all excessively kyphotic patients (see ?Warnings and precautions? in the user guide).? The long axis curve of the Backpod gives a gentler stretch; the tighter transverse axis gives a stronger one.?? If needed initially, pillows under the patient?s head grade the stretch so that it is never painful.
  • The Backpod also has specific further uses in actively opposing the twist in thoracic scoliosis, mobilising hypomobile sacroiliac joints, ongoing self care for ankylosing spondylitis, and costovertebral joint mobilising in chronic asthma and costochondritis.
  • Use the Backpod on the patient in the treatment session, or sell or recommend it to the patient for follow-up and ongoing self care after the treatment session


Owner's Manual - Download