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Power Chairs

Top 8 Useful Mobility Equipment You Need To Get Your Hands On

Mobility equipment has been created to assist people inflicted with immobility to lead a normal life. Since its introduction, those with disabilities, injuries or the elderly who are not stable in their feet have opted to use these mobility devices. Various types of equipment like crutches, canes, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and more are now available to suit a person’s disability or inju...

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Top Five Travel Friendly Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are appliances manufactured to assist people with issues moving around and being unable to enjoy their freedom and independence. Some of these are designed to enhance balance, increase strength and help with the weakness of the legs. It can improve safety by preventing falls, permitting users to be active without the assistance of a caregiver or loved one. Usually, those with disabil...

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Make The Switch! Manual To Power Chair!

Three-quarters of people who use wheelchairs permanently suffer pain at some level of the spine. Living alone and using a manual chair are associated with an increased risk of suffering some discomfort. It may be connected to a spinal injury or MS. However, manual wheelchairs can be relatively uncomfortable over time. Some disadvantages of a manual wheelchair are quite extensive and can lead to de...

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