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Sydney Showroom


1/8 Prince William Drive, Seven Hills, NSW 2147

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1300 108 622

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Mobility Equipment Sydney

Losing your mobility either through age or other related health conditions and illnesses can be a worrying time. Not being able to perform certain tasks or move around as freely as you previously could do can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health.

At any stage of our lives, we can all find ourselves in need of assistance for various reasons and looking into how you can adapt your life to make things easier for you can make all the difference to your quality of life going forward.

At Mobility Care, we specialise in supporting seniors and those with disabilities thanks to supplying the best mobility aids from reputable brands and stickinst Australia wide.

Mobility Showroom Sydney

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new showroom in Sydney. Mobility Caring is a leading supplier of a variety of mobility equipment including mobility scooters, lift chairs, disability equipment, walking aids and more. Our staff are fully trained to be able to advise you on the best mobility aid Sydney for your needs.

What Can You Expect from Mobility Caring Sydney?

We aim to provide those who need additional support with suitable products to help them improve their quality of life and be able to move around easier. Our showroom Sydney will bring all of our products that are available online to display. If you are concerned about what type of mobility aid you need or you are unsure of how mobility products can assist you in your day to day life. Visiting our showroom means you can see the products we have available and see how they can help assist in living your day to day life.

We are a registered NDIS and home care package provider and we are here to help you live a more enjoyable fulfilling life on your own terms. Our wealth of experience in this sector allows us to be able to help you live your life as fully as possible.

What Are Mobility Aids?

Mobility aids are items that are designed for use by people who are experiencing a loss of mobility or struggle to perform day to day tasks unaided. There is a wide range of mobility aids for many different health conditions and illnesses and can assist those who need them in any different ways.

Mobility aids can help people to regain their independence by assisting them with tasks they may find hard or impossible to do without them. Greater independence means people can carry on living as full a life as possible and can be a huge help when it comes to how they live their lives and also their mental health.

Struggling with a loss in mobility can seriously affect people’s mental health, making their recovery or their life in the future seems like an impossible task. Mobility aids can range from small products such as a shower stool to help people shower easier and without assistance to fully adjustable mobility beds which can help those struggling with getting in and out of bed to move from lying down to sitting and getting in and out of bed easier.

Mobility aids can be a huge support when used correctly and visiting out mobility aid stores in Sydney can help you to decide which mobility aids are suitable for you or for those who need to use them.

What Mobility Aids Sydney Can You Buy?

We specialise in providing an extensive range of mobility supports for people of all ages and ability. If you are looking for mobility aids for around the home, mobility aids for maintaining hygiene or mobility aids for getting out and about, we can help you. With products for all budgets, we can advise you on how to properly implement mobility aids into your home to get the most useful from them and to allow them to maximise the benefit you get from them.

You can purchase our mobility aids outright, or you can hire mobility aids Sydney if you are looking for mobility aids to support recovery from accidents or illnesses or you don’t require mobility aids for long periods of time.

Lift Chairs

  • Assisted Lift Chairs
  • High Back Chairs
  • Low Back Chairs




  • Fall Support
  • Seating Cushions
  • Heel Wedges
  • Medical Sheepskin
  • Shear Comfort Boots


  • CPAP Machines
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Masking, Tubing Humidifiers


  • Crutches
  • Cold Packs
  • Patient Handling
  • Compression
  • Braces
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise
  • Treadmills
  • Treatment Tables

Living Aids

  • Daily Aids
  • Personal Security Alarm
  • Dressing Aids
  • Grooming Aids
  • Cooking and Preparation Aids
  • Eating and Drinking Aids
  • Personal Medical Devices

Bathroom Aids

  • Mobile Shower Commodes
  • Bath Seats, Boards and Benches
  • Commodes and Toilet Aids
  • Shower Chairs and Stools
  • Safety Equipment

Who Needs Mobility Aids?

There are many people whose lives would benefit from the addition of mobility aids. It could be that the addition of a stairlift to a home can help a person move between levels in their house and give them more confidence and independence to take care of themselves easier. A stair lift can help those with reduced walking abilities or people suffering from medical conditions that cause pain when bending or walking up and down stairs or for those who struggle to walk for longer distances.

Additionally, making the right choice between a wheelchair or power chair can have a massive impact on the quality of life for people who are unable to get out and about and give them the freedom to get from place to place and start to live a new way of life.

Mobility scooters aren’t just for the elderly. Many people of all ages experience mobility issues due to a wide range of medical conditions. Mobility scooters can be a lifesaver for those who are unable to walk long distances or are unsteady on their feet. Whether this is a lifelong condition or for during rehabilitation, the use of mobility scooter Sydney can help people start to live their life again on their own terms.

If you are looking after elderly relatives, you may want to introduce specially selected aged care equipment to allow for a more independent way of living so they can remain as independent and active for as long as possible and give you peace of mind they aren’t struggling. Personal alarms can be useful in this situation to alter people to a problem should they experience a fall or other accident in the home and allow you to get help quicker.

How to Purchase Mobility Aids

If you need disability equipment Sydney for the long term or short term, you can visit our new showroom to see what type of aids we have in store or visit us online to check out our extensive range of mobility aid products for every aspect.

When it comes to buying mobility aids, you don’t need an external referral from a medical professional. However, you may be directed to shop for mobility aids to assist with recovery from illnesses or to lessen the impact health conditions can have on your quality of life.

If you are unsure, our team is experienced in helping the local and wider community get the correct assistance they need when it comes to products to help make life a little bit easier. You can trust we bring high-quality mobility aids to the market, and we stock all major brands across our product ranges.

As well as having mobility aids for sale, Mobility Caring also specialise in mobility aid hire for shorter time scales. This option is ideal for those recovering from injury or surgery and can be hired for a period of time from 2 weeks onwards to suit your needs until you no longer require the product. We have hospital beds for hire to allow at-home care to take place along with power chairs and scooters for hire along with heavy-duty wheelchairs.

No matter what your circumstances are, paying us a visit to our new showroom can give you a complete idea of what we offer and how we can help you. Be it supplying products to assist with elderly care with products such as walkers, power chairs, commodes or stairlifts. Or if you are looking for equipment to aid recovery and supplement any work alongside a physiotherapist such as treadmills to help improve mobility and stamina to crutches to support you as you get started on your journey to recovery.

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