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Mobility Scooters Goulburn

If you're searching for mobility scooters in Goulburn, search no further. You've just found a compassionate, empathetic retailer - someone who puts your health above all else - offering a range of mobility equipment in Goulburn and surrounding areas. 

We know the demands of everyday life only get harder as injury and fatigue wear away at our bodies, but this is no reason to let it control our lives.

Motorised mobility scooters are daily living aids that can re-establish independence and promote healthy outdoor activities, even if your condition is physically limiting. We also provide other types of medical & care equipment such as braces, ramps, bathroom aids and more that can help in improving your quality of life.

Reasons to purchase a mobility scooter

Below, we'll outline the reasons why you should consider purchasing a mobility scooter if you're based in the Goulburn region.

Difficulty driving

Mobility scooters can be quite durable and last for long trips, and especially when used in conjunction with public transport, they can cover quite a large amount of ground. They’re easy to use, are built to last, and if driving isn’t an option because of your circumstances, this is an affordable, and efficient substitute.

Revitalise a sense of adventure

Inactive lifestyles are often a byproduct of declining health. But one of the reasons why these scooters have become so popular is the rejuvenated feeling of being out in the world, having that independence and ability to take your life by the reigns again.

Physical limitations can foster dependence on friends, family, and carers. While these people are incredibly important to have by your side, you want control over your own life as well. That independence can come from the freedom that quality mobility scooters can give you.

There is a wide range of options to fit your needs

We all have unique bodies, unique strengths, and weaknesses. Motorised wheelchairs are daily living aids built specifically with that in mind, we end up having a vast range of different scooters that cater to a variety of different needs.

The Pride Pathrider 130XL mobility scooter is a robust electric mobility scooter with a powerful motor and large 33cm (13”) pneumatic wheels. It may suit some bodies well, but its size and weight may prove unfitting for others.

For those who prefer a more compact and ergonomic ride, there are innovative folding designs such as the Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter which has an automatic folding system – perfect for those who want a smaller scooter without having to fiddle around with manually folding and unfolding for every trip.

The Pride Go-Go LX also features front and rear suspension, and one of the most advanced travel products we have available in stock.

3 things to considering before buying a mobility scooter

Where will you be using it?

Different mobility products are suited to different situations, so thinking about where in Goulburn you’ll be riding your new electric scooter is important to finding the right scooter for you.

Smaller scooters generally perform better in population dense areas, and some scooters struggle more than others when it comes to street curbs and dealing with inclines. In addition to where you’ll be riding it, the space in which you’ll be storing it in when not in use, is also a necessary consideration.

3 wheels vs. 4 wheels

The distinction between a 3-wheel scooter and a 4-wheel is quite important. While 4 wheelers tend to have more stability of the two, the extra wheel can take up much needed leg room and feel cumbersome for bigger bodies. You’ll find it takes a lot to tip over a scooter, and anything strong enough to cause a scooter with 3 wheels to tip will likely cause a 4 wheeler to tip too, which means comfortability is really the key factor in which choice you make here.

There are a range of mobility scooters on the market so make sure you buy one that best suits your needs.

Is there anything stopping me from operating a mobility scooter?

The barrier of entry for these scooters is very low. They are intentionally incredibly accessible and easy to use, after all they are designed for people with a variety of health circumstances, however they do still require a certain level of cognitive function to safely operate.

If you experience any level of hearing or visual loss, then you should consult your doctor so they can measure your ability to identify stationary and moving objects, judge speed and distances of yourself and other moving objects and put you through other reactionary and spatial awareness tests.

There is a degree of responsibility that comes with driving one, as there is some regulation of mobility scooters. Always know the speed limits, and where you're allowed to drive, before using it.

Where to buy mobility scooters in Goulburn

If you're looking for the perfect mobility scooter in Goulburn city and surrounding areas, or any of our other disability care equipment, you can call us on 1300 108 622, look at our online store. There are so many different mobility walkers Goulburn has to offer, so you need not look for.

Our Australia wide team is known for high-quality customer care, and dedicated to helping you improve your quality of living.

We also have an extensive product range beyond just the electric scooter. Whether it be a manually powered wheelchair, access ramps, an electric wheelchair, walk frames, seat walkers, toilet chairs, shower chairs or shower stools, our mobility aids are designed to improve your quality of life. Because to our team, your mobility matters.

To browse more aged care equipment, mobility aids & accessories, and medical care equipment in Goulburn, please have a look at the other products across our website. 

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