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Mobility Equipment Jindabyne

Specialist Equipment to Enhance Your Quality of Life

When you have a mobility issue, it can negatively impact your life. That’s why our mobility and disability equipment is here to help! At Mobility Caring, we put your needs first so that you don’t have to worry about the small things. From your comfort to public and private accessibility, we have all the bases covered.

Our specialist equipment is designed to improve your quality of life, and it’s proven to work. Whether you’re searching for independent living products, mobility scooters, or adjustable beds in Jindabyne, we are proud to say that we have the solutions to cater to your individual specifications.

And, because we specialise in all things mobility, you can trust Mobility Caring to provide you with the equipment that will lead to a happier, healthier, and more rewarding lifestyle.

Our Services

How do we improve your lifestyle? We do it through our broad range of services. Tailored to people with mobility and disability issues, we cover all the bases so that no stone is left unturned. All you need to do is browse our website and pick the most suitable tools for your requirements.

We provide the following:

  • Lift chairs
  • Mobility equipment – these include but aren’t limited to wheelchairs, scooters, and ramps.
  • Beds & hoists.
  • Accessories – cushions, heel wedges, and comfort boots.
  • CPAP & oxygen.
  • Bathroom aids.
  • Daily living aids.

Mobility products and services in Jindabyne are accessible, so there are zero excuses to invest in the tools that will improve your life.


Physiotherapy is a significant part of returning to your former self. Without PT, the aches and pains can intensify, making the most basic activities a challenge. Of course, therapy isn’t painless because it’s a long, hard road, and you must be motivated to strengthen your body and mind daily.

At Mobility Caring, we understand the struggle patients go through to enhance their lifestyle, which is why we offer some of the best PT equipment on the market. Thanks to our braces, splints, and loops, you can wake up each morning knowing that you have the tools to guide you through your session.

Sometimes, it’s small things such as these that can be the difference between physiotherapy success and failure.

Equipment for Rent

We get it – mobility equipment in Jindabyne is expensive. So, the last thing you want to do is buy an item that turns out to be unsuitable. It’s smart thinking since you’ve got to live with walking frames and shower stools, which is why it makes sense to buy only the best. Plus, the likes of CPAP machines are lifesavers (literally!) and need to be of the highest quality.

The good news is, we agree with you. Therefore, we’re happy to put your needs and safety first by letting you rent equipment before signing on the dotted line. With a short, medium, or long-term agreement, you can get to know the equipment better, as well as your likes and dislikes, and decide whether it’s worth the investment. 

If you do want to shop with us, there are tonnes of incredible options in our ‘Top Sellers’ range, such as:

There’s no need to worry about anything when you shop with Mobility Caring.

Let Us Take Special Care of You

After years in the industry, we don’t only believe in putting people first – we do it. Our vision is to empower you with comfort, confidence and improved quality of life, and our mission is to enable you to enjoy an active, happy, independent, and more rewarding lifestyle. At Mobility Caring, we do this listing top of the range offerings in Jindabyne that are manufactured to assist anyone with mobility issues. However, while we are based in Jindabyne, we provide mobility equipment and aged care equipment Australia-wide. 

You can rely on us because we are NDIS registered and have a team of qualified and experienced care workers who are passionate about their jobs. As such, we know how to spot the warning signs and offer advice on bespoke equipment that works effectively in real-time. 

Just contact us now on 1300 108 622 to speak to an advisor 24/7.

Shop Online 24 Hours a Day

There are hundreds of items in stock, and you can access them anytime, anywhere with the help of our website. Just check out our full range of products online to start shopping.

Registered by the NDIS

The NDIS is a scheme operated by the Australian Government that funds costs associated with disability. Our certifications mean that we are up to date with the latest techniques, and we can offer some of the best price cuts on high-quality equipment due to our NDIS affiliation.

Resource Centre

Buying mobility and disability equipment isn’t straightforward. Thankfully, our ‘Buyer’s Guide’ is on hand to guide you through the process. If you need to know more about scooters, lift chairs, power chairs, wheelchairs, home bed care, or commode and shower care, you’ll find all the relevant information on our webpage.

How Will I Benefit from Mobility Equipment?

The ability to travel unimpeded is something most people take for granted. However, it shouldn’t be a freedom that is only available to the able-bodied and those who don’t experience mobility issues. At Mobility Caring, our products are designed to ensure that travel is much easier and more comfortable.

We do this by providing a range of items across different categories. So, whether you have trouble getting up the stairs or can’t walk for long periods without help, you’ll find what you need on our website. Remember that remaining physically active is an essential part of maintaining a happy and healthy life.

With scooters and wheelchairs, for example, you won’t be stuck indoors as you’ll be able to create a rewarding routine that is full of independence. As a result, your mental health will benefit too. Also, a good night’s sleep is vital to everything from your energy levels to your mood. Our adjustable beds are created not only to fit into tight spaces but to spread your weight evenly to prevent you from waking up during the night.

Are Your Products Suitable for Seniors?

Yes! Our mission is to offer healthcare equipment to everyone who suffers from mobility issues, including the elderly. Of course, the assets you require depends on your personal circumstances, so it’s always wise to tailor our equipment to the individual. 

However, certain products are used more frequently by seniors. For instance, assisted lift chairs are ideal for men and women who struggle to get up and down their stairs. Not everyone is lucky enough to downsize and live in a bungalow as their movement declines, which is why a high or low back chair is essential. The same goes for bathroom accessories because bathroom aids make typical habits, such as showering or going to the toilet, a lot simpler.

Our aids and equipment will assist seniors and the elderly who have any of the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle weakness or pain
  • Mobility issues
  • Children who have mobility issues
  • Obesity
  • Balance issues
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

Mobility aids can make a huge difference to someone who is older and living with a disability. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in our solutions and want to learn more.

How Do They Look?

We understand the tricks the mind can play on you as you age or deal with a disability. Sometimes, it feels as if admitting that you need help is a sign of deteriorating health and wellbeing, especially for seniors. But, if a piece of equipment makes your life better, it shouldn’t be discarded.

The good news is that we design our products with this in mind. Our mobility equipment is sleek and stylish and won’t make you feel embarrassed or ashamed to use it publicly. If anything, you’ll love the glances you get from people when you’re out on the street!

The key to our design is our product variation. Wheelchairs might be too old-fashioned or fuddy-duddy for you, so you can pick between a motorised scooter or a three-wheel scooter instead. Our walkers and rollators come in various shapes and sizes to ensure a design that catches your eye.

Are They Easier to Use?

The big question revolves around usage. The last thing you want is an expensive tool designed to aid your routine that gets in the way. Thankfully, our equipment understands that it’s the little things which make the biggest differences. For instance, we sell oxygen bottle carriers and sun canopies, and our walkers come equipped with storage solutions. That way, you’ll never be annoyed or frustrated by the lack of room.

Mobility Caring – We’re Different

By putting people first, we can deliver a standard that is hard to find anywhere else in Jindabyne or Australia. If that sounds good to you, simply pick up the phone and call us for an informal, friendly conversation.

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