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    Chair High Back Therapy Chairs Height Adjustable

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High back Chairs

When choosing a high back armchair for you or for your aging loved ones to ensure they are in a comfortable position when seated, look for a chair that easily reclines and provides good back support.

A chair with a backrest locked in one position generally is not recommended for people with mobility issues. Such a chair restricts the support to the back that is provided and only encourages sitting in a static posture.

What are the benefits of a high back chair for the elderly?

For this requirement, it is best to consider buying a height-adjustable seat that is designed to adapt to the user. To achieve maximum support for your thighs, use the seat depth adjustment.

The adjustable seat depth and height-adjustable backrest support good posture and comfort while reducing the chances of neck problems and back pain.

A high back chair for the elderly must also have armrests that are also adjustable. The armrests should be designed to be cushioned, contoured, and broad.

How can I help my elderly loved one sit up in a highback chair?

When helping your elderly loved one sit on a high back chair or any type of chair for that matter, remember these basic principles:

  • Maintain stability by keeping your feet apart with one of your feet in front of the other.
  • Your knees should be bent as you go through the process.
  • Your direction of movement should be the same direction that you’re moving your elderly.
  • Avoid stooping or twisting.
  • Keep the centre of gravity of your elderly close to yours.
  • Minimise risk by planning the movement before the actual carrying out of the sitting action.

How high are high back chairs?

The typical height of high back chair backrests is around 84 cm, which is sufficient for most adult people. If your elderly stands over 190 cm tall, you should choose a backrest with a taller height.

If your elderly stands 162 cm or less tall, you should choose a chair with a backrest that is less than 84 cm tall.

Remember to pick a chair with an ergonomic backrest. A chair with an ergonomic design ensures that you provide your dear one with the most excellent comfort a chair can possibly provide.

Are high back chairs good for gently easing out an aging person from a sitting position?

High-back chairs are usually not electrically powered devices, and most models of these chairs do not recline. Instead, they feature taller backrests that specifically target the needs of a taller person and armrests to support the user when standing up.

If your elderly has weakened muscles in their extremities or they feel pain in their joints, the problem is they have difficulty standing up. In such a case, a recliner chair or a power lift chair is the best solution.

With a recliner seat, your beloved will not need to exert much effort when standing up, as the machine will shift position and bring its user to a standing position.

Is a memory foam chair good for your back?

Whether you will be buying a high back chair, a power chair, or a lift recliner, the important thing is your elderly can feel superior comfort when using it.

One of the things that can help you achieve that is by providing your elderly with a chair with a cushioned seat. Cushioned seats come with a lot of benefits for your loved ones:

  • Increased comfort levels
  • Improved digestive health
  • Improved posture
  • Decreased risk for back, coccyx, and hip stress
  • Improved blood circulation

Memory foam on a chair works the same way and provides the same benefits. However, memory foams are more expensive than the other foam grades.

Because of this, furniture manufacturers do not often use this material in making seat cushions. If you need a chair with memory foam to be used by your elderly, purchase a custom-built unit.

A memory foam seat cushion helps to reduce the amount of strain that these body parts go under when you’re sitting for a prolonged period due to its cut-out design.

Memory foam chairs are some of the best chairs for the elderly because they reduce stress on some body parts. When people sit on a chair, their buttocks, legs, spinal cord, and hips take all the pressure due to body weight.

If your elderly will have to use a chair for a prolonged period, consider purchasing a memory foam chair because it offers the best comfort and position possible in using a chair.

What are high-back supportive chairs?

Comfortable and high back supportive chairs help aging people to work easily and be more productive, happy, and healthy. Senior users of these chairs are not likely to be agitated or suffer from pain and stress.

Such chairs come with a padded seat that feels soft to sit on. At the same time, the seat offers firm support. Choose a chair with adjustable seat height so that you can make sure that anyone from your family who will use it will be provided the best seating height for them.

When choosing the best seat height, the goal is to achieve a position where the thighs are perpendicular to the floor, the feet are positioned firmly on the ground, and the knees are neither pointing up nor down.

What are the factors in the functional assessment of high back chairs and other types of mobility chairs?

The process for selecting a day chair starts with an assessment of the user’s:

  • Medical profile (physical assessment, medical history, etc.)
  • Personal profile (environment, functional abilities, goals, social history, etc.)

The assessing professional then writes down a list of goals based on the needs that the mobility chair must address for the user.

When those needs have been identified, the clinician will then recommend options for chairs and chair accessories that meet the needs of patients based on individual requirements.

How do I choose a high-back chair?

There are many things to consider when choosing a high back chair, including:

  • Backrest height – Ideally, a high back chair should reach your shoulders as you sit upright. In that position, your rib cage will be above your body’s center of gravity, which makes your upper body supported completely with less stress on the lower parts.
  • Ability to recline – If you intend to use the reclined seated posture, this feature must be available on the elderly chair that you will buy and use. Ideally, a good angle for reclining is 135 degrees, but many people prefer reclining at 100 degrees.
  • Chair frames – You want a chair for your loved ones that is durable and sturdy. Durable chairs have a long lifetime and service, while a sturdy chair ensures that your beloved will not have an accident or fall while using it.
  • Chair’s weight – You want a lightweight chair that you can easily transport and move around.
  • Foldable – Better yet if your chair is foldable to easily fit in your vehicle. Convenient storage and easy transport are a must for mobility chairs.
  • Forward tilting – Some ergonomic elderly chairs have backrests that can also be adjusted forward in relation to the soft seat.
  • Weight capacity – Manyhigh-back chairs can carry a maximum weight of around 135 kg.

What is the advantage of high-back steel frame chairs?

Wood chairs are nice to look at with their aesthetic appeal, making them a smart choice for many spaces.

However, in constant-use conditions like a healthcare facility, wood products may wear fast and pose security risks for those who work in these environments.

In contrast, chairs with light steel frames offer lasting durability. If you choose the right manufacturers, you will be able to get the aesthetics you particularly want for your home.

What are shipping options for high-back mobility chairs?

Mobility care companies, like Mobility Caring, have a wide range of high-back chairs, scooters, bathroom aids, and other types of mobility chairs in their stores anywhere in Australia, with a delivery option for online clients.

Depending on your order and your location in Australia, you can choose among many options, including free delivery services in select areas.

Physical goods are delivered either through Australia Post or a reputable courier company. Upon receipt of your full payment, delivery for your items is promptly processed.

To see the available options, place your items in your virtual cart. Then proceed to checkout. You will also need to enter your postcode, state, and address.

A new window will appear on your screen showing available shipping options for your purchase, including fees.

For additional delivery details, contact the sales representative of your chosen mobility aid provider.

Are high-back chairs good for back pain?

High-back chairs are good for back pain relief because they come with padded seats and offer lumbar support. However, some of the best mobility chairs for back pain are recliners. Some mobility chairs even come with massage technology for back pain reduction.

Massage chair features for back pain reduction include:

  • Full back massage – These chairs come with rollers that massage your neck down to your hamstrings.
  • Decompression stretch – This technique is designed to lengthen your spine, which relieves muscle and nerve pressures at your back.
  • Zero gravity position – If the chair can level your body or have your legs above your heart, you can reduce stress on your neck and back in that position.

How do I keep my upper back from hurting in my high back chair?

Management of pain in the upper back while seated is effective if you adjust the position of your chair and desk (for users who work while seated).

Make sure that your seated position is not slouching, and always align your chair’s backrest with your spine.

Should you use a low back chair or a high back chair?

The difference between these two types is that high-back chairs have a headrest. This makes them slightly taller than low-back chairs.

High-back chairs offer more support to the neck, the lower and upper back, and the shoulders.

Also, high-back chairs come with more adjustment options. Because of these differences, these chairs are offered at much more expensive prices than their low-back counterparts.

Where can I find high-back chairs for sale in Australia?

Highback chairs are available from mobility care companies in Australia, such as the top mobility aids supplier Mobility Caring.

Check our product list containing quality high back chairs, including the super King-size bariatric chairs.

Mobility Caring also supplies other mobility aids, including:

  • Mobility scooters
  • Bathroom aids (grab bars & rails, bathroom chairs, over-toilet chairs, etc.)
  • Height-adjustable rollators and walkers
  • Power chairs and accessories
  • Walking sticks
  • Wheelchairs
  • Ramps
  • Lift chairs and lift chair accessories

Bariatric chairs with footrests are perfect for people with weight issues. The footrest allows elevating the user’s legs, a position that encourages better blood circulation.

At the touch of a button of the mobility chair, the user’s legs will be raised to a comfortable position, lowering the pressure from the joints and improving blood pressure.

Mobility Caring also offers home care services for the elderly. If you need such service, call us to  have such service arranged.

Also, Mobility Caring is an NDIS-accredited provider. We can help you and other people with mobility issues secure funding for home care services and mobility aid equipment.

What is a reputable Australian mobility care agency?

Mobility Caring is a top-notch company that offers sterling sales and customer care service marked with the following:

  • Fast delivery time frame – fast shipping on all orders
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Best after-sales service
  • Price match guarantee – If you find the same item in another company at a lower cost, Mobility Caring will match or beat the price. Price matching can be requested online.

Partnering with a company that delivers quality care for your beloved relatives will give peace of mind, knowing that they are in the hands of people who really care for their welfare.

For product enquiries, talk to a Mobility Caring customer assistant who will help you choose the best high back chair for your loved ones.