Ultimate Guide to Highback Chairs for the Elderly (and Which Highback Chair is the Best in Australia)

Ultimate Guide to Highback Chairs for the Elderly (and Which Highback Chair is the Best in Australia)

Ultimate Guide to Highback Chairs for the Elderly (and Which Highback Chair is the Best in Australia)

Mobility Caring is here to help your loved ones live an easy and independent life. It is why we offer a range of mobility chairs, including:

  • Power chairs

  • Toilet chairs

  • Medical chairs

  • Seat walkers

  • Bariatric chairs

  • Comfortable reading chair

  • Highback chairs

Regarding high back chairs, among the best we can offer is the Soteria brand. A Soteria high back armchair provides good shoulder and back support. It is vital to use a highback chair for people experiencing pain due to back injury because of its extra support for the back.

Mobility Caring offers highback chair delivery services, and we're committed to getting the right product for you in a short delivery time frame.

What is a Soteria highback chair?

Soteria highback chairs are upholstered chairs for the elderly, with side supports for the user’s arms. These chairs are designed to offer extra support to the user’s back, head, and neck with their extended backrest.

In terms of appearance, Soteria high back chairs have wider seats and higher backrests compared to medium-backrest chairs. These are ergonomic chairs that have lots of benefits, including:

  • Posture – Promotes better posture by making it easy for the user to achieve an upright position.

  • Comfort – If your loved ones have good posture, they will not suffer from back pain, stress, or migraine.

  • Improved blood circulation

When choosing a Soteria highback chair for elderly, you should also consider the aesthetic appeal of the furniture. The chair of the person you love will be using should not only be practical. It should also be visually and texturally appealing.

Mobility Caring’s Soteria high back chairs for sale are ergonomic, height-adjustable chairs. They are available at a great price and are ideal for everyday use.

These chairs provide utmost safety to your loved ones with their strong steel frame. They are very comfortable to use because of their padded armrests and curved backrests.

How much do Soteria high back chairs cost?

Mobility caring offers their Soteria highback chairs for an affordable price of $315. You can get it for a one-time payment or pay four instalments of $78.75 each. As you can see, there is no interest even for instalment payments.

These chairs conform to the standard requirements for depth and height. Standard seats are required to be between 40.6 cm to 50.8 cm in height. The seating height of Soteria chairs supplied by Mobility Caring is adjustable to accommodate the needs of most people.

In addition, the seat depth of Soteria highback chairs is 48 cm, satisfying the standard minimum requirement of at least 45.7 cm. When choosing a highback chair, make sure that its armrests can support your arms comfortably. That is, you do not need to raise your shoulders when resting your arms on the armrests.

At the time of this writing, the $315 price is already a discounted price from the original price of $430. Buyers of these chairs receive 315 reward points, which you can redeem and use with your next purchase.

How do I know if I need a Soteria highback chair?

Aging people continue to get frailer and frailer as the years go by. Because of that, most of them sit in an unsupported position, which can lead to:

  • Soft tissues

  • Misalignment of bones

  • Restriction in movement

  • Impaired breathing

If a person’s abilities are compromised by illness, it is often the case that voluntary movements become harder to do. Also, gravity traps them in unhealthy postures.

To prevent these things from happening to your loved ones, always put your loved ones in the correct seating posture. It will help them feel comfortable, boost their safety, and make them more interactive and happy.

Such a goal is achievable through the specialist highback chairs from Soteria. Each of these chairs features a multi-position backrest that allows the user to relax in the ideal relaxation position.

These chairs have adjustable height, which further boosts their ability to provide comfort in different positions. The seatback height and seat base depth are both adjustable.

The Mobility Caring agency also supplies lift chairs and lift chair accessories. A lift chair can help your loved one go to a standing position without exerting much effort.

So, you can also consider buying these steel chairs if your mobility-challenged relatives have difficulty coming to a standing position. Aluminium chairs for the elderly are also available in Mobility Caring, so check them out if you prefer this type of material. They're an excellent type of aged care equipment.

To provide added support, consider purchasing mobility chair accessories for your beloved, including:

  • Couch cane

  • lever extender

  • leg rest

  • Pillow

These accessories are designed to improve comfort and quality of life with better pressure relief, posture, and fall prevention. Soteria high back chairs come with leg rests that may be purchased separately for added leg support.

How do you sit on a Soteria highback chair?

To have your loved ones seated properly on a highback chair, they should be in an ergonomic sitting position. The ergonomic sitting position is when you have both of your feet flat on the floor.

Having both of your feet flat on the floor keeps your pelvis balanced and makes it easier to arch your lower back. Also, your elbows should form an L-shape at the joints.

The Soteria highback chair features a contoured seat, which means the foam seat has slopes and curves on it, rather than being flat. Besides the high level of comfort that it provides, foamed seats support the health of senior people.

The health benefits of foamed seats include:

  • Less compression on the body.

  • Aids blood circulation

  • Improves digestion

How do I choose a Soteria highback chair?

There are things to check when picking the best high back chairs for your elderly loved ones, including:

Supportive backrest for comfort

Ensuring comfort is the top priority for picking a highback chair for the elderly. If the chair is uncomfortable for a person to use, all the other factors lose value.

Supportive backrest for comfort


Adjustable parts of a chair allow it to meet the changing needs of your elderly relative.

Superb pressure management

Pressure management throughout the chair can ensure comfort and reduce the risk of your loved ones developing pressure ulcers.

Head Support

People who have poor head control need extra head support. Check the chair if it also offers support for the spine and neck. Poor head control can also lead to poor breathing and feeding.

Lateral Supports

Lateral supports are meant to provide proper body posture and positioning. Proper positioning is needed to ensure that bodily functions are unhampered.


Nineteen percent of the body’s weight goes through the feet while a person sits. Therefore, an added leg rest can be beneficial, especially for people with mobility issues. With such an add-on accessory, they have something on which they can load and rest their feet.

What is the best seat height for the elderly?

A seat height in the range of 40 cm to 53 cm off the floor works for most people. Such a range allows users to have their feet flat on the floor. Also, the thigh of the user is horizontal, and arms are level with the height of a desk or table.

Adjust the seat height of your high back chair to bring it to a point where it does not cause too much pressure on the body. To measure the seat height, record the distance between the floor and the top of the seat.

The correct height allows achieving the position where the user’s feet are level on the floor, and the knees and the hips are at right angles between each other.

Make sure that the depth is not too long because that will lead to insufficient support at the bottom of the spine. It may also cause the user to slide out of the chair.

What is a Soteria day chair?

Soteria high back chairs for the elderly are height-adjustable chairs that are also designed to provide comfortable sitting positions for persons with limited mobility.

These chairs have a curved back design and sturdy frame, which are important features for ensuring the safety of your loved ones. The overhanging arms of these chairs provide users the ability to sit and get up with greater ease.

What materials are Soteria highback chairs made of?

Soteria highback chairs feature foam-padded seats, backrests, and armrests. The base material that adorns these chairs is premium vinyl designed to provide the utmost comfort to the user.

Soteria’s high back chairs also feature sturdy steel frames designed to offer optimum safety for the user. All in all, the total weight of the final product is 14 kg, and these chairs are designed to carry up to 205 kg of load.

Soteria high back chairs are available in three colours – mocha, beige, and gray. Complete material information and product specifications are available on Mobility Caring Soteria website pages.

Soteria highback chairs

What is the difference between Soteria high back and low back chairs?

The difference between these types of mobility chairs is in terms of the support they provide. A high back chair for elderly provides users support for the upper back, neck, and shoulders.

On the other hand, low to mid-back chairs support the lower to the middle of the user’s back.

Anyone on the petite side would find low to mid-back chairs as ideal chairs for them. A high back chair might feel overwhelming to them.

The most noticeable part of a high back chair is its headrest, which makes it appear slightly taller, and when compared to other options, high back chairs offer more adjustment options.

Soteria high back chairs have backrests that are either 72 cm or 73 cm in height.

Does the NDIS provide funding for highback chairs?

Yes, it does. You can buy assistive technology, equipment, and electronics with NDIS funding.

If your loved ones are eligible for NDIS support, Mobility Caring can help you secure such funding. We are a registered NDIS mobility service provider. We can help you process your request for NDIS funding with extreme care.

Assistive technology is equipment or devices that help people do things they cannot do because of their disability. However, the NDIS does not fund items appropriately funded by other government agencies and services.

So, you need to know the criteria for eligibility for NDIS funding. If you need assistance on the matter, contact our customer care assistant. They can explain to you NDIS funding in detail.

How high are Soteria high back chairs?

The Soteria high back chairs that Mobility Caring offers stand 72 cm or 73 cm tall. The seat width of these chairs is 49 cm, and the overall width of these chairs is 64 cm.

It means that these chairs are not too big and occupy only minimal space. The complete features of these chairs are as follows:

  • Padded armrests for extra comfort

  • Contoured backrest for optimum support

  • Adjustable height

  • Vinyl upholstery

  • Powder-coated steel frame

  • Chairs weigh 12 kg.

These chairs are suitable for home use, for dining, or as day chairs for mobility care environments.

Choose the best mobility chair that will provide for your loved ones the following:

  • Optimum comfort

  • Fall prevention

  • Better blood circulation

  • Healthy body posture

People with mobility problems find it difficult to keep their bodies moving. This condition can lead to many health problems, including poor blood circulation in the limbs.

But your elderly loved ones can prevent this from happening to them if they have devices that allow them to do several movements and achieve many different positions. All these activities can improve blood circulation.

Also, many foods can help improve the blood circulation of the elderly members of your family. These are foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Most fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

What is the weight limit for Soteria highback chairs?

The weight limit of Soteria high back chairs is 205 kg. The average weight of Australian women is 71.1 kg. For Australian men, it is 89.5 kg. Soteria lift and high-back chairs can accommodate well these average weights.

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