Winter Storage Tips For Your Electric Wheelchair


Winter Storage Tips For Your Electric Wheelchair

Those who love being in the snow don’t usually bring their electric wheelchairs. However, those who can move by themselves opt to hire a motorized wheelchair for their travel. Sometimes, they might have left their mobility equipment at home and prefer to purchase an electric wheelchair when they want to get a second one. Assess the following storage tips if you are planning to travel to the south during winter without your electric wheelchair.

Tip 1: Planning Storage of your electric wheelchair

In the event of storing an electric wheelchair, planning is important for upholding its performance. Firstly, ensure the batteries are fully charged before storage.

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Tip 2: Location to store your electric wheelchair

The perfect place to store your electric wheelchair’s battery should be at a temperature above 32 degrees to avoid it being frozen during your absence. The batteries should also be taken out of the device to prevent it from slowing down.

Tip 3: Caring for your electric wheelchair

The period of charging the batteries of your power wheelchair could be gauged by tracking the usage. It is recommended to charge the battery 8 to 14 hours twice a week if the wheelchair is not used often. However, it is recommended to keep a charging schedule of one charge every 2 to 3 weeks if an electric wheelchair is not used for longer periods. In case the user intends to stay away from home for a long time, it is advisable to get a reliable person to charge it for you, as it is not recommended to charge batteries for more than 14 hours. Instructions on charging are given in the manual included with the battery charger.

Tip 4: Preparing your electric wheelchair for use

Firstly, there are some things to do after getting back home and preparing to use your electric wheelchair. Ensure the batteries are fully charged before using the electric wheelchairs. If the batteries had been stored for a long time in a place below 32 degrees, these will have to be kept in a warmer environment for a day before charging to prevent damage to the battery.

If you change your mind about travelling with your electric wheelchair after going through these tips, we have more tips for travelling safely with your electric wheelchair.

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