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Mobility Scooters Campbelltown

If you're based in Campbelltown, Sydney NSW and looking for a mobility scooter near you, then you've come to the right place.

Compassion and empathy are key to our approach to home-care and independent living. Not only can we provide you with the tools to live a comfortable life, but the knowledge too, so you can make your own informed and effective choices.

Different kinds of mobility equipment cater to different care requirements. Whether you're looking for an aged care solution or something else, using our expertise as a starting point to find out what features best suit you is a sure-fire way to get the most out of your quality homecare mobility products.

Reasons to purchase a mobility scooter

The extra comfort and reliability that mobility scooters are known to have is quite popular, because when it comes to health, reliability is always imperative. 

This may be an emotional time for you, as buying a scooter may be a big step in your life. Further, there are a range of mobility options to choose from, and it can get a little overwhelming. 

So if you are unsure if a mobility scooter is for you, here’s a broad range of reasons why you should consider buying one of these products.

Wheelchairs may not be suitable

Wheelchairs are not always right for everyone and in many cases, people often don’t have the upper body strength or flexibility needed for longer journeys in them. An electric scooter, by contrast, can supply the disability care necessary to live comfortably.


There are some incredible care services out there, including aged care professionals and in-home care experts who to great lengths to make sure you are comfortable. 

But while specialist carers are amazing people, you don't want to rely on them forever. For your own sense of individuality, self-esteem and the life of people around you, a mobility scooter can really help give you that independence back and let you achieve a high quality of life again. You shouldn't also have to rely on family carers either, as they are the ones most closest to you.

Fall prevention

Falls can have devastating effects if you’re already in a physically weakened condition. Scooters are far more stable than a walking frame or crutches and allow you to transport items with you in a way that other walking aids can’t accommodate for.

Not only will you have a comfortable way to get around Campbelltown, but a way that keeps you safe from the unpredictable tripping hazards and fall risks you may encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Safety should always be the top consideration. Transport for NSW's Centre for Road Safety has a helpful guide on motorised wheelchairs and what safety requirements you need to consider.

Explore the outdoors

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind is to experience the beauty of mother nature, and being able to explore all the wonderful nooks and crannies of Campbelltown will help do exactly that.

It’s easy to fall into the routine of a solitary life if your mobility is restricted. But having a scooter that allows you to experience the great outdoors, without aches or pains, is a luxury you need not deny yourself.

It's important to keep your scooter powered when travelling outside. We offer a range of batteries you can buy to help you on your scooter journey, so that your chair doesn't run out of energy when travelling.

Mobility scooter pricing

One of our most affordable scooters is the Pride Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheeled Scooter. At $1,890 it’s one of the lowest prices we offer.

But looking at the Pride Victory LX Sport Mobility Scooter sitting at $3,300, you’ll find features accommodating for specific needs such as a full sized back and headrest on the seat. That's a top range mobility scooter we've got in stock.

You can go as far as the Pride Pathrider 150XL Turbo. But just keep in mind that no matter what price range you’re aiming for, what matters most is the quality of disability care you're receiving.

An investment in a mobility scooter is an investment in your own health. There are varying price ranges for various needs, but the most important thing is making sure it achieves the goal of easing your pain and adding a layer of comfort to your life that was previously lacking.

You will also find further mobility aids & accessories pricing if you decide to buy those extras that give your scooter the full experience.

Don't get bogged down on the range of products available to you. Give us a call and we can help you find what's right for you.

Where to buy mobility scooters in Campbelltown

For further advice on what mobility services best suits you, you can ask our friendly in our showroom at 1/8 Prince William Drive, Seven Hills, NSW 2147. If your mind is made up, feel free to order online right here at our store. We're known for our high-quality customer care, and providing high-quality care to clients across Australia.

Of course, there are much more options for care than just scooters. 

We also supply a wide range of other related care options and mobility solutions in Brisbane and beyond, and we're excited to show you the assistive technology Australia has to offer, including:

  • electric wheelchairs
  • walking frames
  • power chairs
  • gripping aids
  • braces
  • mobility ramps
  • overbed tables
  • bathroom aids (like shower chairs, stools and over toilet frames)

We're committed to finding the right care solutions necessary to achieve your goals. We have a diverse range of people in our team, all trained to care with compassion and supply the right premium-quality mobility equipment for you and your loved ones.

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