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Mobility Equipment Bundaberg

Your mobility plays a crucial part in your health. Managing your mobility requirements needs to be the role of a medical specialist. That’s why at Mobility Caring, we are an NDIS registered provider of mobility equipment Bundaberg based and around. We work with you to create the perfect plan for your mobility needs and your lifestyle.

We understand the essential role of being mobile in their everyday life for our Bundaberg customers. We are committed to preserving your health and independence at home with mobility aids in and outside your home.

Safe lift with mobility equipment in Bundaberg 

Most people name the bedroom and the living room as the best spots to relax at home. However, when you have mobility issues, your favourite rooms can turn into a nightmare experience. Indeed, reduced mobility can make it challenging to get back on your legs from your comfy chair or bed. Because both structures tend to be low, you need a lot of strength and balance in the legs. We understand that people in Bundaberg can find it stressful and depressing when their home isn’t comfortable anymore. Thankfully, practical solutions exist to create a mobility-friendly decor that meets your needs. Keeping a walking frame at home can help you find your balance when trying to stand back up. 

You can also replace your bed with specialist hospital beds for Bundaberg homes. The hospital structure offers a targeted lift, helping you to sit up on the bed, for instance. 

Shower chair Bundaberg and more

Reduced mobility affects your experience in the bathroom. Washing becomes more dangerous as your stability is compromised. At Mobility Caring, we are committed to reclaiming your independence using solutions that enhance the bathroom safety and accessibility. We recommend our shower stool range and shower chair Bundaberg to those with balance and stability concerns. The chair and stool are fully water-resistant and anti-slip, so all you need to do is sit down and wash. Our customers often add an over toilet frame in mobility-conscious interiors. The frame is a crucial addition to maintain your independent lifestyle and dignity day after day. Its height makes it easy to access. 

Bundaberg mobility aid for commuting

Mobility makes you less sociable. It can stop you from inviting friends to a brunch at the Cane Cutters Kitchen or enjoying a refreshing stroll in Alexandra Park. Mobility problems affect your confidence and can force you to stay at home. But you don’t have to self-isolate. Plenty of helpful devices can give you the support you need to enjoy a day out with your loved ones. We often advise those still agile on their legs to invest in a seat walker for Bundaberg walks. They can rest when they are tired and use the device for balance the rest of the time. 

If you prefer to be seated, our mobility scooters Bundaberg are ideal for everyday commute to the shops or in town. Wheelchairs and power chairs are best suited for indoors visits as they are easy to maneuver inside a building. 

Get in touch with our mobility equipment team in Bundaberg to discuss your needs. We can help you regain your independence with assistive technology.

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