Seat Walkers

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    Soteria Seat Walker – Rollator – Four Wheeled Walker

    From: $169.99 $159.99
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    Nitro Elite Carbon Fibre Seat Walker

    $899.99 Includes GST
  • Soteria Height Adjustable Deluxe Walker

    From: $199.99 $189.99
  • Seat Walker With Basket- Auscare/Days

    From: $239.00
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    Days Aluminium 8inch Seat Walker with Loop Brake

    From: $279.00 $249.00
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    Aspire Vogue Indoor Walker

    $375.00 Includes GST
  • Days 2 IN 1 Transit Rollator, Red

    $379.00 Includes GST
  • Days Ball Walker, Aluminium, Height Adjustable 838-915mm

    $104.00 Includes GST
  • Days Deluxe Rollator, Red

    $379.00 Includes GST
  • Days Seat Walker with Compression Brakes and Curved Backrest

    $199.00 Includes GST
  • Days Tri-Walker

    From: $199.00
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    Drive Knee Walker

    $555.00 Includes GST
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    $600.00 Includes GST
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    Flat Folding Walking Frame

    $159.99 Includes GST
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    Freedom Mobyflex Folding Seat Walker

    $270.00 Includes GST
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    Let’s Go Out Outdoor Walker

    $825.00 Includes GST
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    Tray Mobile Walker With Hand Brakes

    $254.00 Includes GST
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    Tutor Bariatric Forearm Walker With Four Wheels

    $1,634.00 Includes GST
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    Tutor Forearm Walker

    $734.00 Includes GST
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    Tutor Forearm Walker With Padded Rest

    $1,344.00 Includes GST
  • Vogue Carbon Fibre Seat Walker

    From: $799.00
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    Walking Frame

    From: $150.00 $109.00
  • Wheels for Days Ball Walker, Pair

    $34.95 Includes GST
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    Indoor Walker

    $514.00 Includes GST
  • Glides for Days Ball Walker, Pair

    $21.95 Includes GST

Maintaining independent movement is crucial to maintaining your overall independence. Walkers, zimmer frames, and rollators can be an excellent tool for those who need a little extra help with their movement, providing the support that you need to feel confident when you’re out and about or at home. Here at Mobility Caring, we’ve worked extremely hard to develop a range of walkers and rollators that suit an array of needs.

Our Walkers & Rollators

You can find a wealth of choice in our walkers and rollators collection. Whether you need a light frame or a walking frame with a seat, we have something that will suit your needs, with almost 30 models for you to explore. Feel free to get in contact with our friendly team if you need some help picking the right walker for you.

Walking Frames

Walking frames are lightweight, affordable, and easy to store, making them an excellent choice for those with temporary mobility problems or as a secondary walker. You can get walking frames with wheels, rollers, or feet, making it possible to tailor your walker to your exact needs. This can be a great way to ensure that you are able to use the walker on your own.

Walkers with Wheels

Walkers with wheels have long been a popular choice for those who struggle with their mobility. Thanks to their four wheels at their base, these walkers can be used without having to be lifted, providing constant support wherever you walk. This is ideal for those with more severe mobility problems, though they can also work as a temporary option.

Folding Zimmer Frames

Walking frames are great tools, though they can often be hard to transport if you don’t have a large vehicle. Folding frames take this issue out of the equation, giving you the ability to shrink the size of your frame so that it can fit into as many vehicles as possible. Folding frames are a good choice for those who like to go on longer adventures or use public transport.

Walking Frames with Seats

Those with mobility issues often have to work a lot harder to get themselves around than those who don’t. This can be exhausting, making walking frames with seats a blessing when you find yourself in need of a rest. Walkers like this can usually be folded, and some even come with extra storage.

Combination Rollators

Combination rollators are similar to walking frames with seats, though they offer more options and enable you to get some help with your movement. A combination rollator can be used as a simple frame when you want to walk, but can also be turned into a rollator/wheelchair when you have someone to push you around. It can be hard to know how you will feel halfway through the day, and having the chance to sit down like this can be a great way to make your adventures less daunting.

Forearm Walkers

Forearm walkers are a little more specialised than the other options on this list. Designed to support your arms and wrists as you walk around, walkers like this are able to help those with far more severe mobility issues. Forearm walkers can take a little bit of time to get used to, though this will be well worth the effort.

The Brands

Here at Mobility Caring, we work extremely hard to make sure that we offer options to suit as many of our customers as possible. This extends to the brands we offer, with a wide range of different walkers and rollators from an array of manufacturers. This makes it easy to match your new equipment with the tools you already have, while also giving you the chance to find spare parts. We only offer brands that we know and trust, saving you the effort of checking before you make your purchase.

Why Choose Mobility Caring?

Here at Mobility Caring, we are passionate about maintaining your independence. All of the tools and equipment we sell can be used to improve your life, but we understand that there is more to your shopping experience than getting a good product. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to choose Mobility Caring for your care needs.

Customer Service: We understand that you want this sort of purchase to be as easy as possible, and this is why our customer service team is ready and waiting to help you out. Whether you want help with a purchase or need more information about the products you’re looking at, we will always be happy to provide support.

Unbeatable Prices: Our Best Price Guarantee carries across our whole range. This means that if you find one of our products cheaper on another website, we guarantee to beat their price and give you a great deal.

Free Shipping Over $249: We offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $249. This covers most of Australia, saving you from having to think about the costs of getting your new equipment to your door.

Contact Mobility Caring

Choosing the right walker or rollator for you can be a big decision, but we’re always happy to help. You can always get in touch with our expert team by calling at 1300 108 622 or sending an email through our convenient contact forms. Our support team is always available, and we work hard to make sure that we respond to every query as quickly as possible.