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Quality Mobility Equipment for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

Welcome to Mobility Caring, the best website for mobility equipment in Noosa and the greater Sunshine Coast area. At Mobility Caring, it’s our aim to help anyone who struggles with mobility issues lead a normal and unencumbered lifestyle. With decades of experience in the industry, we know that all people want is to simplify their routines. Thanks to our products, you can do just that.

Whether you’re on the lookout for travel equipment, such as scooters and wheelchairs, or independent living products, like beds, mattresses, and shower stools, you’ll find them on our site. That’s because our wide range of items spans across different sectors of the industry. So, don’t delay – check out what we have to offer today!

Services You Can Trust

About Us

We are committed to providing you with the finest quality healthcare equipment Australia wide, specifically designed to support the needs of seniors and people with disabilities. To do that, we have a vision – to empower you with comfort, confidence and improved quality of life. Therefore, our mission is to enable you to enjoy an active, happy, independent and more rewarding lifestyle, and we hit both of these targets through the equipment we sell.

As an NDIS-certified supplier, you can trust that Mobility Caring’s disability and mobility equipment in Noosa is to the highest of standards. Not only that but because the NDIS is a government-backed fund, we can offer price cuts and reductions that can’t. That means you receive an unparalleled user experience with unbeatable prices. Of course, quality is also at the heart of what we do when it comes to providing the equipment you need, so we never sacrifice our standards.

A Reliable Healthcare Equipment Supplier

Our Services

Mobility Caring specialises in high-quality mobility, disability, rehabilitation, and independent living products. As a result, our services are the foundation of what makes us a market leader in the Noosa region. You need to know that you can rely on a mobility provider to use your funding to supply a superior quality of equipment, and we do that via the following.

  • Lift Chairs: A series of chairs that offer comfort and independence to people who have lost mobility and don’t want to lean on others all of the time.
  • Mobility Equipment: From motorised scooters to old-fashioned wheelchairs and walkers, you never have to worry about your balance and the nasty side-effects again as trips and falls are things of the past.
  • Beds & Hoists: A good night’s rest is integral to your mental and physical health. With our range of beds and mattresses, you’ll never wake up in the morning suffering from aches and pains again.
  • Physiotherapy: PT is a vital part of ensuring you’re fit and healthy. Of course, it’s daunting as the process is challenging. But, with our physiotherapy accessories, such as braces and pads, you can rely on your PT equipment to shoulder the burden.
  • Bathroom Aids: The most common things can be tough when you lose mobility. Thankfully, showering and going to the toilet can be just as straightforward with safety equipment.
  • Daily Life Aids: Again, features you once took for granted are now harder than ever. The good news is, Mobility Caring’s daily living aids make dressing, grooming, and cooking a piece of cake.

With a range of services this broad, we are sure there is something for everyone, regardless of your circumstances.

Specialist Equipment in Noosa

The basics create a solid base for your routine, yet they aren’t always comprehensive enough to cater to your requirements. Therefore, you need something more advanced and robust from time to time. At Mobility Caring, our speciality in the sector allows us to provide CPAP & oxygen equipment that saves lives.If you’re hard of breathing, it’s not easy to move around without a steady supply of O2. However, tanks can be bulky and difficult to transport, which is why stock everything from portable oxygen devices to nasal and full-face masks. Plus, our assistive mobility technology includes storage space to enable you to drive or walk even if you rely on an oxygen tank.

Our products take the hassle out of mobility issues that are often hassle some and debilitating by making them smaller and simpler to transport.

  • Assistive Technology Supplier  Assistive technology is essential since it lets you perform tasks that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. At Mobility Caring, the industry is our speciality, and we stock most tools that enable individuals to carry out daily activities easily and securely.
  • Registered NDIS Supplier  The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a way for people with mobility problems to afford the care they deserve. As the NDIS accredits us, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll do everything in our power to match your funding with life-changing equipment.
  • Australia Wide Delivery  Noosa is our home, yet our goal is to provide you with the finest quality healthcare equipment to support your needs, regardless of the location. Therefore, we ship to addresses all over Australia. Just proceed to the checkout and enter your address to find out more about your delivery options.
  • 24-Hour Customer Care  Our friendly operators are on hand to deal with your questions and queries. And when they are unavailable, our website is open 24/7 to make sure that you can always purchase equipment with no strings attached.

How Can You Be Sure Your Package Is Suitable?

It’s a great question and one that everyone should ask before they sign on the dotted line. The truth is, there’s no way to analyse how effective a scooter or mattress will be by looking at it. Yes, you can decide whether you are a fan of the style, which is an important facet, yet it doesn’t say much about its usefulness.

Most healthcare equipment providers in Noosa stop there. Mobility Caring puts you first, so we go the extra mile for your sake. We do this by offering a rental service to our customers. Using this solution allows you to get the feel of an investment before you purchase it for good. Your health is an investment, which is why you need to make sure the asset is perfect

.From beds and mattresses to wheelchairs, lift chairs, and power chairs, you can hire what you think you require to test it out. The same goes for occupational therapy services too. Here’s a full list of what you can rent from us.


Occupational Therapy:

  • Manual handling education
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Expert advice and assistance 
  • Product trials and demos

You can learn more by checking out our brochure that outlines rentals in extensive detail.

Mobility Problems in Australia Are Real – Don’t Get Caught Out

Lots of people deal with mobility issues and never get around to making the necessary investments in equipment. Why? It’s down to the stigma attached to it. Using wheelchairs and scooters, especially if you’re ageing, can be a bitter pill to swallow as it’s a sign of your mortality. Of course, it’s better to live out your life in comfort than to struggle due to your ego.

The latest figures report that 675,000 Australians use mobility aids, and over 90% of 90-year-olds have a disability. When you spot the signs, you should contact an expert and talk over your options. After all, you might only require aids to help you get back on your feet if you’re recovering from an injury.

How Can You Purchase Equipment?

Making assistive technology accessible is essential if more and more people are going to benefit from the equipment. So, you can always rely on our website to help you as it’s open 24-hours a day and takes orders from dusk until dawn. Simply proceed to the checkout when you’re ready and enter your delivery address.

We also have a showroom in Noosa that you can visit if you prefer the face to face option. We know that buying online can be tricky as it’s a struggle to evaluate the small details. That’s why we will sell all the products we have on our website in our showroom. From cushions to hoists and rollators, our Noosa store will stock all things mobility related.

Head on down to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable advisor about items that are tailored to your circumstances.

Mobility Caring – Because We Care

If you’re wondering what sets us apart from the rest of the providers on the market, it’s the fact that we care. We care about how our products impact our customers’ lives. Therefore, our superior equipment is designed with you in mind to ensure the utmost comfort and ease of access.

You shouldn’t accept that your life will be different due to mobility issues. By calling us on 1300 108 622, or sending an email to [email protected], we can make it whole again.