Mobility Scooter Accessories

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    Rear Scooter Bag with Crutch Holder

    $149.00 Includes GST
  • ,

    Pride Walking Frame Holder

    $125.00 Includes GST
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    Pride Cup Holder Scooter Accessories

    $35.00 Includes GST
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    Pride Sun Canopy

    $359.99 Includes GST
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    Mobility Scooter Flag

    $44.95 Includes GST
  • Mobility Scooter Weather Cover Large

    $299.00 Includes GST
  • Mobility Scooter Universal Charger (2-3AMP)

    $149.99 Includes GST
  • 2 in 1 Adaptor Bracket for Invacare Mobility Scooter

    $119.99 Includes GST
  • Additional Genie Battery

    $1,149.00 Includes GST
  • Basket for Genie Plus

    $149.99 Includes GST
  • Battery Bag for Genie Plus

    $140.99 Includes GST
  • Mobility Scooter Rear Pod

    $339.00 Includes GST
  • Mobility Scooter Universal Charger (4-5AMP)

    $199.00 Includes GST
  • Mobility Scooter Universal Charger (8 Amp)

    $299.00 Includes GST
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    Oxygen Bottle Carrier

    $125.00 Includes GST
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    Pride Rear View Mirror Scooter Accessories

    $72.00 Includes GST
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    Pride Saddle Bag Scooter Accessories

    $29.00 Includes GST
  • S19 Lithium Battery

    $1,195.00 Includes GST
  • Scooter Genie Plus (Off Board Docking Station)

    $325.99 Includes GST
  • Side Bag for Genie Plus

    $140.99 Includes GST
  • Telescopic Hoist Lightweight Lifter

    $1,275.00 Includes GST
  • Travel Case for Genie Plus

    $899.99 Includes GST
  • Complete Left & Right Armrest Assembly for the Go-Go Folding Scooter (S19)

    $159.99 Includes GST

A mobility scooter is more than a tool for many users. Your mobility scooter is a lifeline, providing you with independence and the ability to take care of your own needs. Vehicles like this can give you the means to a far easier and more comfortable life, making trips to the store, visits to friends and family, and days out possible without the support of others. Choosing the right accessories to complement your mobility scooter can improve your experience even further, and Mobility Caring has everything you need to take advantage of this.

Our Mobility Scooter Accessories

Here at Mobility Caring, we offer a full range of mobility scooter accessories to meet a wide array of needs. These accessories are compatible with many of the mobility scooters in our range, but we encourage you to get in touch with our friendly team if you need help to make the right choice.

Accessories for Convenience

Mobility scooters should always enhance your life, offering convenience when you need it most. We offer scooter cup holders, flags, mirrors, and more to ensure that your mobility scooter provides you with everything you need. Options like this are perfect for users who spend a lot of time with their mobility scooter, with options like the Pride Mobility Scooter Cup Holder enabling you to carry drinks on your journeys.

Medical Accessories

Alongside offering convenience, your scooter should also be incredibly safe. Being able to cater to your medical needs is a huge element of this, and we’ve made sure that our range of accessories includes all of the medical essentials. This includes oxygen tank carriers and walking frame holders, but you can get in touch with our team to discuss more specific needs.

Storage Accessories

As many people’s main form of transport, it is critical that your mobility scooter comes with storage space for your possessions. We offer a wide range of mobility scooter bags and baskets, including secure lockable pods, scooter baskets, and saddlebags to go over the arms of your mobility scooter. This is perfect for those who like to travel alone on their scooter, giving you secure and easy storage that will protect your possessions from both other people and the elements.

Weather Protection Accessories

Most mobility scooters are open-topped, making them a pain to use in bad weather. Here at Mobility Caring, we offer mobility scooter seat covers and sun canopies, sheltering you from the worst of the weather without forcing you to compromise on your adventures. Many of our mobility scooters are suitable for use in wind, rain, and shine, but we can help you to choose the right option for you if you can’t decide.

The Brands

Here at Mobility carrying, we’ve worked extremely hard to make sure that we can cater to as many brands as possible. We currently offer Pride Go-Go Scooter Accessories, along with options for a range of other models and manufacturers. This makes it incredibly easy to match the right parts to your scooter, but our friendly team is always happy to help you out.

Alongside offering a range of brands, our skilled team of mobility experts can also repair and service your equipment to ensure that it is always working safely and as intended. This service is offered from our Sydney Metro branch, but we are also happy to discuss your repair needs over the phone and refer you to the right place to handle your issue.

Why Choose Mobility Caring?

Here at Mobility Caring, we believe that everyone is entitled to independence, and strive to make sure that we provide the right products to meet the needs of our customers and clients. This extends to our mobility scooter accessories and beyond, but you don’t have to take our word for it; there are plenty of reasons to choose Mobility Caring for your mobility scooter needs.

Excellent Service: We pride ourselves on leaving each and every one of our customers with a smile on their face. Our dedicated team is always happy to help, offering support and advice, providing aftercare, and making it easier to make that all-important decision. Whether you get in touch by phone or email, we’re sure that you’ll be just as happy as our other customers.

A Wide Range: Choice is crucial when you’re picking something like a mobility scooter, and this is why we offer a wide range of scooters, scooter accessories, and other mobility tools to improve your lifestyle. Our expert team can help you to choose to best options for you and help you to maintain independence.

Unbeatable Prices: Getting your hands on the tools that you need to maintain independence should never have to cost a fortune. We work very hard to provide fair and reasonable prices for our mobility products, while also holding regular sales and offering discounts for first-time buyers. We also offer equipment for hire and a price-match guarantee.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $249: We offer free domestic shipping on orders over $249 across most of Australia. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Get In Contact With Mobility Caring

Mobility Caring works extremely hard to make it easy to choose the right tools for your mobility needs. Whether you need a hoist fitted in your home or some accessories for your mobility scooter, we will always be happy to offer the support you need to find success. You can give us a call on our 24/7 line at 1300 108 622, send an email to [email protected], or use the convenient contact forms on our website.