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Mobility Scooters Canberra

Have you ever wanted a mobility scooter, but didn’t want to be pressured into buying something far more than your needs require? We empathise with those looking for a comfortable way of life after living with the pains of injury and health complications.

Our range of mobility scooters help breathe new life into your body by alleviating pain and allowing you to venture through places in Australia's capacity city like Lake Burley Griffin, Weston Park and Mount Ainslie again in absolute comfort.

What to consider when buying a mobility scooter

There’s no one-size-fits-all option for mobility scooters. Like most health-related products, you’ll want something that works for you. Some of what to consider may include:

  • Whether the scooter matches your body’s immediate needs
  • Whether it will meet your long term requirements (for instance, if a condition is known to lead to weight gain over time, a larger scooter could be the right choice).
  • The terrain and areas you’re most likely to be driving your scooter
  • The uses you have planned (as this will affect power, suspension, wheel size and number of wheels)
  • Whether you will you be spending a lot of time in busy shopping centres around Canberra (in which case, you could try thinking smaller with a 3 wheeled scooter that excels at manoeuvrability)
  • If the usual places you like to attend are wheelchair accessible
  • Whether there are rugged tracks between your home and your destinations (in which case, best to direct your focus to more powerful and dynamic scooters that are built to handle changes in path elevation and inclines)
  • Whether you have storage space for your scooter (a fold-up mobility scooter is a space-saver and can easily pack away)
  • Whether you're comfortable when spending periods of time sitting as you're going about your day to day business

Power scooters are known to assist people experiencing a decline in mobility, so get in touch with our friendly team if you're interested.

3 reasons why to purchase a mobility scooter

Pain Relief

When walking and carrying bags causes aches and pains, it’s really a no brainer when it comes to what a mobility scooter can do for you. You’ll be putting less weight on those sore muscles and joints, the storage baskets and compartments will carry the burden of heavy cargo, and all while being able to provide extra comfort in other areas such as back and neck support.


We all need to lean on others for help when we’re in tough situations, but when it comes to conditions that we’ll be living with for long periods of time, you’ll naturally want to rely on those people less and less and be able to take care of yourself more and more.. The convenience for people around is important to take into account.

Carers are fantastic and incredible people, but for those times when you want your space, maybe do your own shopping or go out to a café on a whim, a mobility scooter can facilitate this freedom.

Renewed sense of adventure

Limited mobility can be frustrating We become disconnected from the great outdoors when we spend too much time inside, and when our doctors tell us to rest up and take it easy, oftentimes it’s easy to get stuck in that secluded indoor lifestyle.

One of the reasons why mobility scooters have been rising in popularity is the way they can give the physically vulnerable the ability to get on the walking tracks and around nature in a way they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

So start your healthy journey with one of these scooters today.

Other products to improve your quality of life

Quality of life improvements are what we excel at best, and so we provide much more than just mobility scooter options.

We offer a wide range of accessibility products ranging from wheelchairs, electric scooters and power chairs to walking frames, shower stools, walking frames and seat walkers. We have in-home products such as assisted lift chairs and bathroom aids all the way to oxygen supply products and physiotherapy aids.

Your health is important, and stable, comfortable living is too.

Where to buy mobility scooters in Canberra

If you're looking to purchase scooters or accessories in the dynamic city of Canberra, you can browse our online store here on this website or give our customer service centre a call on 1300 108 622.

To us, your mobility matters. We're looking forward to helping you on your healthy journey with a safe, affordable, environmentally-friendly transportation option.

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