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Mobility Equipment Maroochydore

We’re an NDIS registered provider of assistive technology. Therefore, we are familiar with the essential function of mobility solutions to improve your quality of life. At Mobility Caring, we are a dedicated team of experts committed to bringing high-quality mobility equipment to Maroochydore. We’ve made it our mission to support independent living in Maroochydore. We prevent mobility issues from standing in the way of enjoying your life. That’s why we offer a range of professional mobility aids to accompany you at home and outside. Whether you want to go on a walk with your loved ones or take a shower at home, we’ve got the right device for you. 

Get up in the morning safely

Depending on your mobility needs, your beds and chairs could be too low, making it tricky to access if your legs struggle to lift or lower the body. That’s why hospital beds for Maroochydore customers can make a huge difference. They come with added railings for support and safety. But more importantly, you can lift the bed to help you sit up and exit comfortably. Specialist mobility beds tend to be high, which means they are more accessible to those with reduced mobility. 

Confidence and balance for Maroochydore commute

People can worry about leaving their home after hip surgery, as they don’t feel stable on their legs. But with our assistive mobility equipment, you can learn to build up strength in your legs safely. For instance, a walking frame for Maroochydore based mobility concerns could give you the confidence to go outside again. We also recommend using a seat walker to help you rest when you need to. Spending too long on your legs when you lack strength or stability can increase the risk of injury. 

Often, if physical activities are too demanding, we find that mobility scooters for Maroochydore commutes can transform your experience. Scooters are typically easy to maneuver and light, so you can go out with your family. For those who need constant mobility support, including in indoor environments, power chairs and wheelchairs are some of the most popular choices.

Make your Maroochydore bathroom safe

Every year, many individuals of all ages slip and fall in the bathroom. For seniors with fragile skeletons, a fall can lead to broken bones and painful hip injuries. But regardless of your age, for someone with reduced mobility, a fall can hinder your mobility even further. Our Mobility Caring team in Maroochydore assists customers in choosing the most suitable bathroom support, such as shower stools solutions. Because the stool is guaranteed to be non-slip, you can sit down and wash safely. Besides being built to resist water, the shower chair for Maroochydore bathrooms doesn’t require additional maintenance. No need to take it out of the shower when you are done. Complete your bathroom set with an over toilet frame. The frame is built high, making it easy to access. When sitting down and getting back up can be problematic with low mobility, the frame gives you your dignity back. 

Wondering how we can help you reclaim your independence? Get in touch with our trained specialists to discuss your mobility needs in Maroochydore. 

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