NDIS Assistive Technology

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) was started by the Australian government to assist Australians with limited mobility functions to lead their lives in comfort by giving avenues such as capital and backing in the way of dependable assistive technology. Specializing in healthcare, Mobility Caring can advise on NDIS and NDIS assistive technology development. This information will be helpful to begin your research if you are interested in NDIS.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

 The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the provider of information and services, connections, and capital for those with limited mobility.

Australians with permanent disabilities and need assistance throughout their life could get singled out support and services from this organization. This scheme is governed by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency).

The NDIS’s specialized plans will summarize the types of relief, beneficial technology, or remedy needed to accomplish your ambitions to lead a sprightly and independent life. The NDIS provides cash for feasible and practical means to assist you to reach these goals.

Your personalized NDIS plan will outline the kind of support services, assistive technology, or treatments you require to achieve your personal goals and live a full and independent life. The NDIS gives cash for moderate and essential backing to help you achieve these goals.

Those privileged for NDIS support should be:

  • Less than 65 years of age.
  • Be an Australian citizen, resident, or permanent visa holder.
  • Meet the impairment or early detection requirements.

Due to support given through the Commonwealth Aged Care system, those above 65 years of age are not eligible for this assistance through NDIS.

Visit the NDIS website for further information on eligibility for NDIS.


The NDIS Assistive Technology program is the best support for Australians with limited mobility.  This program includes a wide range of devices such as simple tools to assist a person to hold in the hand, installation of safety devices in the residence or automotive devices such as wheelchairs.

Assistive technology at Mobility Caring

Mobility Caring is an authorized NDIS provider and a certified provider of:

  • Dependable devices for personal care and safety.
  • Dependable devices for household chores.
  • Dependable devices for normal work.
  • Personal mobility devices – restorative supports.

Every assistive technology device provides a particular type of support:

Mobility Aids and Accessories

These devices help to be active and on the move. Irrespective of a simple aid like a cane for walking, or a fully automated wheelchair, the correct mobile aid can assist a person to regain self-reliance with the ability of mobility.

Lift Chairs and Seating

Comfortable seating to a standing position. Varying from stationary to electronic lift chairs, these can be tailor-made to conform to your requirements.

Hospital Beds

Our adjustable, strong, and assistive range of beds can give a good night’s sleep. It also helps to get in and out of bed without a strain for both user and caregiver.

Daily Living Aids

Simple tools such as a pencil holder, or a tool for picking things off the floor. Any kind of tool related to assisting in your daily life to lead a stress-free comfortable life.

Oxygen Concentrators

Some of the best brands of oxygen concentrators, accessories, nebulizers, and suction pumps found in the market are available at Mobility Caring. Our array of breathing aids will assist immensely to improve your independence whilst securing the best oxygen support. We can offer advice on what is the best-suited device depending on your respiratory needs, environment, and lifestyle.

Pressure Care

Our range of pressure care devices helps people to lower the risk of pressure-related injuries whilst assisting them to sleep and sit comfortably.

Bathroom Aids

Modifying your bathroom to include assistive aids will increase the safety and prevention of falls especially if a person is afflicted with balance or mobility issues. Your independence and privacy can be maintained with our wide array of bathroom aids ranging from bathing and toileting aids such as showers and bedside commodes.

Exercise and Physio Aids

Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and exercise if often required to manage a disability or recover from an injury.  A wide range of pain relief and recovery related devices appropriate for both home and healthcare facility use is available at Mobility Caring.

Falls Prevention

Falling is inevitable, but prevention is possible by taking preventive measure to avoid fall-related injuries. Devices that indicate fall can be made a part of your essential dependable device to help live comfortably and stress-free.

Selecting Mobility Caring for Assistive Technology

Our large-scale devices and know-how in assistive technology help us to accredit our patrons to conduct their lives independently. As a producer of assistive technology, Mobility Caring can provide the following assistance to its customers.

Occupational Therapy Services – Our Occupational Therapists specialize in assistive technology and works in consultation with the NDIS clinician who prescribes to make clinical approvals on assistive technology. Our OTs can assist with demonstrations of devices, informative in-services, and guidance.

In-Store Discussions – Get to know your NIDS requirements in a calm and cosy atmosphere with our well-trained personnel. Your nearest stores could be seen from our store locator.

Telephone Discussions – Our enthusiastic and well-qualified customer service team can assist to select devices on par with your NDIS goals or introduce you to an equipment specialist.

Device Testing – Our devices could be tested either in-store or at your residence. Presentations could also be arranged along with clinical recommendations.

Setting up devices – Setting up dependable automotive devices in the home can be made effortless by our team of medical professionals.

Service and repairs - Our knowledgeable maintenance technicians provide quick and steady servicing and repairs. Servicing of a device could be booked online with us.

A Device on rent- Our large array of durable devices could be rented for temporary use.

Visit our stores or call our helpful customer care team on  1300 108 622 if you need to speak to an equipment specialist about your NDIS dependable automation requirements.