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Mobility Scooters Ingleburn

If you're searching for mobility scooters in Ingleburn, look no further. You're in the right place to be.

As the demands of everyday life continually grow, the challenges for those with physical limitations grow with it. If you’re experiencing or seeing a loved one deal with constant aching and want to do something about it, you can come to us.

We offer a wide range of quality products and mobility aids specifically designed to help you make everyday tasks easier and achieve a greater quality of life.

With expert staff committed to exemplary service, and both affordable and quality products available, we can help give you the tools to get back to pain free living.

Mobility scooter operation and ownership tips

While operating a mobility scooter and beyond is far less complex as driving a car, there are still plenty of things to know that will make the experience of riding around Ingleburn much smoother.

Safe travel tips

There are judgement calls you’ll have to make while operating motorised mobility devices. This includes avoiding obstacles and collisions are the obvious ones.

But planning out a route that has plenty of pathways, curb ramps and avoiding crossing busy roads is a good way to ensure you’ll have a safe journey. It’s also suggested that a safety flag is attached to your chair so that others can see you coming, as well as lights and reflectors for night-time visibility.

Rules and regulations

These scooters are incredibly easy to get started with. There’s no license or registration required to operate one, just a few simple rules.

  • Do not impede the path of other pedestrians
  • Do not exceed 10 km/h
  • Must have a rational reason such as physical ailment or limited mobility to use a mobility scooter
  • Obey all pedestrian road rules
  • Must not have a blood alcohol content rating of or over 0.05 or be under the influence of drugs while riding on a road or footpaths.
  • Be careful and considerate of others

For further information on power chair rules and regulations in NSW feel free to read more here.

Keep your battery charged up

One of the worst situations you can possibly face is having your battery go flat in the middle of a journey.  Therefore it’s always recommended to put your mobility wheel chair back on charge at the end of a trip so it’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice the next time you want to head out.

Which scooter is right for you?

There are a range of mobility scooters, and different scooters excel at providing support for different limitations and deficiencies. Choosing the scooter that best supports you is well worth sinking some extra thought into.

Weight capacity

Weight support is a very key aspect of all motorised mobility devices, as they are designed to be used by people of all shapes and sizes.

The specific weight that scooters are advertised to be able to support is usually the amount of weight they can carry safely on a flat surface, which means that on an incline they may struggle with that same amount of weight. So when it comes to weight capacity, it’s best to give yourself some extra leeway.

Extra things like shopping bags, walking sticks, oxygen bottles and really anything you’re likely to take with you while travelling around Ingleburn should be included in your weight requirements.


While scooters are likely to be used in urban environments, the terrain of the places you’ll drive to often is a big factor when deciding the best scooter for you. This doesn’t just mean thinking about pavement or gravel pathways, but rather things like the number of curbs, speed humps, and other changes in elevation will influence how sturdy the best scooter for you will be.


Much like a car or motorbike, a mobility scooter needs a proper, safe storage space. As with any valuable item, they’re prone to theft, so consider your living space and what room you have to store it in as well as power outlets for charging.

There are portable, foldable scooters available too, but if you do decide this is suitable for you, make sure you or your carer is able to assemble and disassemble it easily.

Different mobility scooter users require different active mobility systems, so make sure you know which care equipment you need.

Where to buy a mobility scooter in Ingleburn

For mobility scooters in Ingleburn, you can visit us in store at our Sydney location. You can also give our customer service team a call on 1300 108 622 - they have second-to-none product knowledge and can help you with whatever you need. Or, of course, you can browse around right here on our website.

We offer a range of products beyond just the scooter. Ranging from the electric wheelchair and manual wheelchairs to shower stools, lift chairs, walking frames, power chairs and seat walkers, your mobility matters to us - no matter what kind of aged care equipment you need.

Always make sure to receive expert advice from healthcare professionals to know which mobility solutions are right for you.

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