• Days Aluminium Underarm Crutches, Adult, Adjustable Height 114-135cm, Pair

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  • Ergonomic Grip Forearm Crutches, L, 830-1110mm Hand Grip height, 205-275mm Arm Ring adjustment, Pair

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    Forearm Gutter Crutches – Pair

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Here at MobilityCaring, we understand the great impact that an injury or accident can have on your life. At the same time, trying to find a solution that allows you to regain your freedom of movement can be tricky, especially if you are dealing with a limited budget.

That is why we have been implementing and enlarging our range of crutches and mobility aids. Today, you can select the type of crutches that best first your needs and lifestyle. Start by understanding what to look for in a crutch and what are the most suitable for your needs below. Get moving today!

Crutches Can Help You Regain Your Freedom

An injury or accident can press pause on your daily routine, impact the way you go about your day and your ability to focus at work. More importantly, an injury can cause you to be bedridden or confined within your home. In turn, you might find that your motivation levels and mood are also affected, something that can significantly slow down the recovery process.

Here at MobilityCaring, we offer a range of medical crutches that can help you regain your mobility and return to an empowering routine. Whether you wish to use them as a long-term solution or you wish to improve your quality of life while dealing with an injury, crutches can represent an affordable and easy-to-implement tool. Find out more below.

Forearm CrutchesForearm crutches, also known as elbow or hand crutches, are a simple yet powerful mobility aid. They boast a cuff that you will need to position around your forearm, wrist, or elbow – depending on the use you make of them, personal preferences, and needs.

Forearm or wrist crutches are a common type of mobility aid used mostly in Europe and Canada, and they can be used just as successfully for both long-term and short-term use.

The unique benefits of these crutches include the fact that they don’t limit the range of movement and allows you to feel just as comfortable on stairs or uneven terrains.

While they are manageable and lightweight, these crutches are best-suited for users who can count on more upper body strength. Forearm crutches also promote proper posture, which reduces back pain.

Typically, they will require more time and practice for you to master how to use them – something that makes them preferable for long-term use. However, once you have learned how to use them to your advantage, they allow you to enjoy greater freedom of movement and comfort.

Benefits of Forearm Crutches

  • Once you know how to use them, they allow for greater freedom of movement
  • They won’t make your armpit or arms sore
  • They are more manageable on uneven terrains and stairs
  • They encourage proper posture, reducing back pain
  • They are suitable for long-term or repetitive use

Underarm Crutches

Underarm crutches, or axillary crutches, are those mobility aids that use your armpit as a pivot point. They are often recommended in the US for short term use because of their unique properties, including the fact that they are extremely easy to use.

Arm crutches are also readily available, and they don’t require you much body strength to use them properly.

Of course, each person is a little different, and these crutches might not be as suitable for everybody. Since you will be dropping most of your body weight on them, they can make your armpits, hands, and wrists hurt.

If you need to use them on a long-term basis, you might decide to add grips and accessories that can make your experience more enjoyable. Ensure you fit them properly, and you speak to your physician to learn how to use them – this will prevent side effects and soreness.

If you have opted for this model, you might also like foldable crutches, which are more suitable if you travel often!

Benefits of Underarm Crutches

  • They are easy to use
  • They are readily available
  • They don’t require much upper body strength
  • You can find them in a foldable version
  • They are more suitable if you have limited strength in your arms or wrists

Fitting Your Crutches

While crutches are standard models, it is necessary to fit them for your personal needs and body requirements. This simple strategy will allow you to make the most of this mobility aid and will limit soreness and discomfort.

Here at MobilityCaring, we are ready to guide you through this process and answer any question you might have. However, don’t forget to consult your physician if you require special assistance.

Fitting Underarm Crutches 

  • Stand up straight
  • Adjust the length, so the underarm supports are up to 2 inches lower than your armpits
  • Ensure that the hand grips are parallel with your hips
  • Ensure you can reach the grips with your elbows bent – they will extend when taking a step forward

Fitting Forearm Crutches

  • Stand up straight
  • Adjust the length, so the cuff stays 1 to 2 inches lower than the elbow
  • Check that the handgrip is close to your wrists

How to Pick the Best Crutches for Your Needs

You might be recovering from an injury and in need of crutches for just a few weeks. Or, you might need this aid to support your movement on a long-term basis. In any case, rest assured that you will find the right type of crutches for sale in the MobilityCaring collection.

Naturally, you will want durable and cheap crutches that are suitable for your specific needs. Start by understanding what the right model for the use you will make of them is.

Get Back on Your Feet Today!

If you have decided to buy crutches, you are a step closer to regaining your freedom of movement. Of course, this choice can seem a little overwhelming at first, especially if this is your first crutch. That is why here at MobilityCaring, we are fully committed to offering solutions that are affordable, readily available, and suitable for everybody.

We are always available to answer any question or just offer guidance in the choice and fitting of your new crutches. Get in touch today to find the right mobility aid for your needs and get back on your feet!