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How are lift chairs different from normal armchairs?

A lift chair contains a control box that operates a powerful lifting mechanism. This mechanism allows the entire chair to lift off its base, which helps you stand or sit in a safe and controlled manner so you can live more independently in your own home. You can operate the mechanism easily using a hand wand.

Who uses lift chairs?

Lift chairs are a helpful mobility aid for those who may struggle to get in and out of a normal chair in a safe manner. It enables safe sitting when getting into the chair, and help with standing when getting out of the chair. An electric lift chair can also be used for people who need to reach a specific seating position for comfort or medical reasons.

What are the different types of motors in a lift chair?

This type of power lift recliners allows the legs to be raised, followed by the backrest reclining (these two movements cannot be done separately for the backrest to reline the leg rest must be raised too). This is a good option for someone with decreased cognitive ability due to the simple operating controls. It will allow you to move from sitting to standing with the chair lift mechanism.
Electric lift recliners allows the leg rest and back rest to operate independently from each other, providing a greater number of achievable positions than a single motor lift chair. The entire chair can also lift to help you get from sitting to standing.
The tilt in space option (also known as the zero-gravity or infinite position option) allows for the user to achieve more support when they are in a reclined position. The leg rest and back rest operate independently from each other, which provides a greater number of positions than a single motor lift chair. The Trendelenburg option also provides the ability for the user to raise their ankles higher than their heart, which can be beneficial for certain medial conditions.
This type of lift chair recliner provides the assistance to stand without a recline option. It is often a more compact chair.

What is the best lift chair?

The best lift chair is one that is suited to your needs. There are plenty of electric lift chairs for the elderly or people living with a disability to choose from. Before you purchase one, it is worth consulting with a health professional, such as an occupational therapist or physio, regarding which one best suits your needs.

To find the best lift chair for you or your loved one, here are some factors to consider:

  • Your ability to operate the lift chair in a safe manner
  • The right motor option for your circumstances further details on options are available further down in this guide
  • The chair size, so it is best fitted to your height and weight (ensure your hips fit comfortably on the chair, your arms can rest on the arm rest and your legs are at 90 degree angle with your feet on the floor)
  • Comfort – try sitting in the chair and check that you are happy with how you feel. This is crucial, considering you are likely to spend a lot of time in your lift chair. Ensure there is sufficient padding for your requirements.
  • The material your chair is made of. You may want an easy-clean hospital grade material or something closer to the fabric of a regular armchair.
  • Whether you will need a back-up battery as part of the chair’s mechanics in case of a power failure, or if the chair comes with one included
    • The space you have available for your chair in your home – ensure that you have the clearance both in front and behind the chair for it to recline. Also consider that your chair needs to be connected to a power point, and make sure that the cord does not become a trip hazard.
    • Your budget – there may be a difference between the more ‘budget chairs’ and ‘luxury’ chairs.

What are the health benefits of a lift chair?

Lift chairs ultimately help people live more independently at home and enjoy a better quality of life. They can help prevent unnecessary strain, injury, and fatigue for both the user and those who may be caring for them. They can be maneuvered into a variety of positions, providing relief for those suffering from a range of medical conditions such as arthritis, poor circulation, and back pain.

Lift chairs also offer therapeutic benefits and help prevent further medical complications. They can help prevent pressure sores, allow the user to sit in an optimal position and increase circulation for better health.

What are the different sizes of lift chairs?

Lift recliners come in different sizes to suit different people. Generally they can be categorized into three options: small, medium and large. The seat depth, width and height varies with these sizes.
Which size you want is determined by your height (so that you can be correctly lifted to standing) and your weight (so that you can safely operate the chair). A small chair will not provide the necessary support for a tall person, neither will a large chair be suitable for a petite person.

How much do lift chairs cost?

Lift chairs can vary in price, depending on the brand you purchase, the model you need and the features they come with. For more information on prices, please feel free to browse the lift chairs available at Mobility Caring.
f you are eligible for a home care package or the NDIS, the government will subsidize the cost of a lift chair under your plan, depending on your funding level or individual plan.

Can I buy a lift chair with NDIS funding?

Yes, you can. A lift chair recliner is classified as an ‘assistive technology’. These types of mobility aids are covered under certain NDIS plans, depending on what you are funded former.
Make sure you check your specific plan and ensure you purchase your lift chair from a registered provider, like Mobility Caring.

How do I know which motor is right for me?

The motor that you require in your electric recliner lift chair will depend on the way that you need to use the chair. If you simply need help to stand and sit, a Power Stand Assist motor may be sufficient. If your condition is more complex and requires support in finding a wide variety of positions to get comfortable, perhaps consider a dual motor or Tilt in Space motor lift chair recliner.

Also consider your (or your loved one’s) cognitive ability when operating the chair. The more features the chair has the more complex the operation of the chair will be. The best way to ensure you pick to correct chair with the right motor is to speak with your occupational therapist who can help direct you in your choice.