Kings Handles Selection

Kings Handles Selection

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A variety of cutlery handles to suit various functions. The standard handle has a hollow cylindrical body, the contoured handle has a curved shape and finger contours, and the mushroom handle is a round hollow doorknob type handle that is easy to grip for people who have weak or painful joints. The heavyweight handle is similar to the standard, but it has a metal bar in the core to make it heavier.

SKU: N/A Category:

SKU: N/A Category:


Standard Handle 110 mm 30 g
Contoured Handle 120 mm 62 g
Small Grip 110 mm 20 g
Large Grip 110 mm 50 g
Oval Grip 100 mm 24 g
Double Ended Handle with Strap 110 mm 36 g
Slim Handle 115 mm 20 g
Mushroom Handle 40 mm 42 g
Custom Made Handle 75 g
Slim Lightweight Handle 110 mm 8 g
Lightweight handle 118 mm 14 g
Lightweight Double Ended Handle with Strap 118 mm 12 g
Heavyweight Handle 110 mm 145 g

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