Elephant Feet Bed Raisers

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Elephant Feet Bed Raisers

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These plastic Elephant Feet Bed Raisers are designed to go under the legs of your bed, lounge chair, couch or table to increase the overall height. allowing you to ensure the height of your furniture is right for your needs. Bed Raisers can also be used to raise one end of your bed, to create a slight incline, which can be helpful in managing some digestive, respiratory and circulatory problems.
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Made from durable, high impact plastic, these stackable Bed Raisers are available in three different heights. The plastic raiser has a well in the top that can accommodate either square or round legs up to 65 mm wide. They are sold in sets of four. Each set of four can hold up to 250 kilograms of weight, including the furniture and any people.

Please note that your furniture must be sufficiently heavy to remain stable on top of the raisers, so these products are not suitable for lightweight tables or chairs.

The 40 mm high raiser has a base width of 125 mm. The 100 mm high raiser has a base width of 198 mm. Combine these two to create a 140 mm high raiser with base width of 198 mm.

Bed Raiser Mats(set of four) are also available these are small mats that sit inside the well of the raiser to offer added stability and security, to protect against the leg of the furniture from slipping.


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Weight 3 kg

40MM, SET OF 4, 100MM, SET OF 4, 140 MM, SET OF 4, 40MM, SINGLE, 100MM, SINGLE, 140MM, SINGLE

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