A Guide To Hospital Beds in Australia

A Guide To Hospital Beds in Australia

A Guide To Hospital Beds in Australia

If you’re combatting an illness of any kind, or if you have a loved one who is experiencing sickness, you might want to consider a hospital bed for your home. Hospital beds will make sure you or your loved one get the best night’s sleep possible, with the comfort levels needed to make life easier. 

Here at Mobility Caring, we have a range of hospital beds for sale, alongside the accessories you will need, so get in touch with us if you would like to know more. 

To help you make the right choice, check out our guide on what to consider before making a purchase. 

Consider What Type Of Bed Is Needed

Hospital beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and most are fully adjustable. The majority of beds are electric, and these can often be operated with a remote handset. Learning about the different types of hospital bed will help you, as you will then be able to make the right choice for your needs. 

Types of hospital beds include:

Hi-Low Beds

Hi-Low beds are the right choice for those who need extra safety features. They offer support to the user getting in and out of the bed and rise and lower automatically to manage problems they might have with stability.  These beds can also be lowered to enable easy getting in and out of a wheelchair, and they can be adjusted to elevate parts of the body that need better blood circulation. Like many of today’s hospital beds, these are electric, with all of the controls needed to make life easier when adjusting them. 

Semi-Electric Beds

These aren’t fully electric so some adjustments will need to be done manually.  However, they do come with a hand pendant that can be used to activate the head and knee sections of the bed, so they don’t skimp on features. While these beds are some of the cheapest on the market, they can be considered unsuitable for those who don’t have the physical ability to crank the bed up and down. 

Fully Electric Beds

Electric bed prices are not cheap but they should be considered for those who cannot operate the manual functions of a semi-electric bed. The hand pendant can control all of the necessary bed functions, including raising it up and down and moving the head and knee sections. Fully electric adjustable beds are designed to give patients the ability to get in and out of bed themselves, so are great for those who crave more independence. 

Bariatric Beds

Bariatric beds are for those with who need a heavy-duty bed, partly because of their weight size. They are recommended for those weighing over 350lbs and can hold weights up to 1000lbs. These are also fully electric so offer many advantages over semi-electric beds.

Other Important Things To Consider

Buying a hospital bed is fairly straightforward when you know what budget you have to work with, and what specific needs you might have. We have discussed some of your options above, and to find out more, speak to us and check out the range of beds that we have for sale on our website. 

However, before making a purchase, include the following in your decision-making.

The height of the bed

As most hospital beds are height-adjustable, they can be raised and lowered to a person’s preference. However, if you or your loved has a tendency to fall out of bed, it is always worth considering low beds, such as the Avalon Floor Lo-lo Bed. If a fall does happen, the risk of injury will be minimised if this style of bed is chosen.

Safety features

As a follow on from the above, it is worth exploring the range of safety features that are included with some beds, including drop-down rails and extra side rails. Such features as added pull-down steps are also worth discussing with your bed supplier when trying to find the safest bed possible. 

The quality of the bed

When buying a hospital bed, you need to remember the purpose for which you will be using it for: the care and comfort of you or your loved one. For this reason, quality matters. When browsing beds online, be that on our website or elsewhere, look for the best quality beds available in your price range. As we have established, semi and fully electric bed prices can be high, but as such beds are a one-off investment, the expense is more than worth it. All of the beds sold by us are high quality and we only choose the best-known brands, so you can have peace of mind when you buy from us. But commit to further research if you need to know more so you can be assured that you are buying the best bed possible for your personal needs. 

Hospital Beds In Australia

At Mobility Care, we pride ourselves on the beds and mattresses that we have for sale. With a range of hospital beds for sale, from top brands including I-Care and BetterLiving, you can be assured of the most comfortable and well-functioned bed for your needs. 

Get in touch with our professional and friendly team, and talk to us about the beds we have in stock. With the necessary accessories you will need as well, including hoists, hoist slings, and side rails, we will make sure that you have all that you need for your comfort and care needs. With the right hospital bed in your home, your life will be made much easier, so don’t delay getting in touch with us. Choosing a bed supplier that understands and cares for your needs is important. As we are a specialist provider of medical and home care equipment, you can trust us to provide the very best advice possible if you’re looking for a hospital bed for your home.


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