Buying An Adjustable Homecare Bed For Seniors

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Buying An Adjustable Homecare Bed For Seniors

It’s a grueling and stressful thing to do, choosing an adjustable bed for the home. Buying hospital beds for your house may never have been something that you previously considered doing, and yet here you are at this buying guide looking for advice on how to buy one and what you need to look for to make sure that your purchase is a successful one. When you’re buying an adjustable bed for a loved one, there are a lot of questions that you need to answer. You need to know what the best bed is for their condition, what mattress type they need and which features are the most beneficial for overall safety.

The adjustable hospital beds that we have today aren’t as bulky or as uncomfortable as they used to be. Thankfully with the help of technology, electric adjustable beds have more features and are more comfortable now than ever before. The features and level of superior comfort are appealing to seniors of all health levels and age, which can take some of the pressure off the decision making!

What Is An Adjustable Bed?

Contrary to popular belief, an adjustable bed is not just for patients in a hospital or a clinic. Many seniors need electric beds in the home to enable them to be in the comfort of their own home during treatment or while they need support. Adjustable beds come in a range of styles and sizes, some with comprehensive features and others as simple as possible. There are options for the user to choose the bed that directly fits their needs, and adjustable beds allow for better comfort. Some models have a raised head or legs at the touch of a remote, and these can offer maximum comfort to the user. The controls are now far more advanced than they used to be, with features such as:

  • Wireless and smart control remotes
  • USB ports
  • Heat settings
  • Vibrating settings
  • And much, much more!

Adjustable beds often have add-on options to consider, too. You can buy safety rails to fit to an adjustable bed to ensure maximum safety for seniors. The other thing to take note of with adjustable beds is the mattress – which we will touch on now but dive into a little later. Adjustable beds require specific mattresses to be used rather than regular spring mattresses or memory foam mattresses. Mattresses must be manufactured to suit an adjustable bed, or it won’t adjust as it should. The right mattress is just as important as the right adjustable bed, especially when used by seniors. Mattresses with adjustable beds don’t wear the same way as a regular mattress does, so it’s essential to be aware of this.

Are There Health Benefits To Buying Electrical Beds?

The health benefits of adjustable beds are evident – after all, no doctor would recommend having one in the home if they didn’t provide health benefits. Medical beds are perfect for seniors who are experiencing changes in their sleep pattern. They are also excellent for those with limited movement who want to remain independent but need that extra help to get in and out of bed. Insomnia is a battle for some seniors, and they find that an adjustable bed can help with this as well as other issues keeping them up at night. Those dealing with lower back pain can see that an electric bed can provide far more support than a regular bed. Some offer excellent lumbar support, too, so it’s essential to find the right adjustable bed offering this kind of support.

Adjustable beds are also excellent for assisting with swollen legs and feet, as well as acid reflux and other respiratory issues. Speaking to your doctor about which type of adjustable electric bed would be right for you is so essential before you make any big decisions.

How To Choose The Right Adjustable Bed

When it comes to buying the right electric adjustable bed, you need to consider everything from electric adjustable bed prices to the brand of bed you want to buy. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming decision: you have to meet your needs with the right adjustable bed and mattress. Learning about the different styles of electric bed will help, as will knowing which manufacturers offer which beds at the right price. You can get hospital beds for sale – you need to know where to look when you’re shopping. Some things to think about when you are buying your adjustable bed include:

  • See the options in person where you can. It can offer you more confidence in your purchase as you can test the bed and play with the controls to know whether it’s the one for you.
  • Ask for help when you are buying your bed. You can ask as many questions as you like (we will cover these later).
  • Shop around for your adjustable bed before you come to a decision. Sometimes, you can find the same bed you want in-store, then find the same one again with a discount online that can offer a good deal.
  • It comes down to choosing the bed that meets all of the requirements. You can go for something simple, but you can also go for something a lot more technical and comprehensive, but not all that hard to understand how to use!

Types of Adjustable Beds

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to the right hospital beds for the house. You will make a better decision if you know which beds are available to you to purchase, and we’ve got  the types of the best adjustable beds out there for you to choose from. Let’s take a look!

Semi-Electric Beds

These work with the use of a hand pendant to activate an electric motor to moe the knee and the head sections of the bed. The user can adjust the height of the bed, but this is done manually and not with a remote. These are some of the most cost-effective beds for sale, and the hand pendant is excellent for easy movement of the head and knee ends of the bed. The downsides of semi-electric adjustable beds are that they are semi-electric and require hand cranking to move the bed up and down. That physical force can be challenging to manage for seniors on their own.

Fully Electric Beds

An electric hospital bed again uses a hand pendant to control the functions, but it can be controlled for moving the bed up and down as well as the head and knee sections being moved. These beds give patients far more independence to get in and out of beds themselves. The downside here is that they’re not all that cheap!

Bariatric Beds

If you want a bigger and stronger hospital bed for the home, bariatric beds can offer you what you need. They can hold a weight of over 350lbs and up to 1000lbs, and these are the bigger version of the fully-electric beds we spoke about above. They are wider with a more durable frame, and they offer comfort.

Hi-Low Beds

If you are looking for beds with extra safety features, a hi-low bed may be the right option. These have everything that an electric bed offers, but these are fantastic for getting in and out of bed safely. These beds rise automatically as a patient moves to stand so that they have support. These are higher in cost than fully electric adjustable beds, but they are worth it for the additional peace of mind.

Types of Mattresses

There is a variety of mattresses on the market for adjustable beds, and some of those that you may come across are listed for you below:

Alternating Pressure Mattress

For patients presenting with bedsores or pressure ulcers, the alternating pressure mattresses can be a source of relief. The pressure is relieved, and skin moisture management is far easier as the mattress alternates inflation and deflation. Alternating pressure mattresses promote good blood flow and circulation, and extra relief on pressure points is provided.

Med Prevention Mattress

With some seniors immobile or spending long periods laying down, the Med Prevention mattress is the best option to prevent skin deterioration. It doesn’t heal any bedsores, but it can help them to be prevented in the first place.

Lateral Rotation Mattress

Similarly to the Med Prevention mattresses, Lateral rotation mattresses are great for those who need help with ulcer pain relief. The mattress also has a blower that prevents the sores from drying out. The blower may be noisy, though, and seniors should take note of this.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase

An adjustable bed is a big purchase. They do not come cheap, and they will be with you in the home for a while. You have to get this purchase right, and there are several things that you need to consider before you buy. 

The Bed Frame

The electric bed base that you choose to buy has to be supportive and stable, and the bed frame determines that stability. The right bed frame will offer the price, the size and the functions that you are looking for to enhance your comfort. The proper bed frame will match whether you are looking for semi-electric, fully electric or another adjustable bed type. The bed frame isn’t something to compromise on, either, as you want to get this right to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. 

The bed base is the foundation of the whole adjustable bed. The frame has to be able to support the mattress, while holding the motor and carrying those in the bed, too. The frame is heavy as it’s responsible for moving up and down as needed. There is a lot more to an adjustable bed frame, and it’s important to know this. If you choose an adjustable bed, you know that you’ll be using a bed with durable metals to support it. This includes thick steel, and when you are shopping for your adjustable bed you need to make sure that this steel is sturdy enough for a lengthy use. Cheaper adjustable beds will often skip out on the heavier gauges and will rely on a lighter gauge construction, which can bring down the price of the bed, but it also brings down the reliability of it. This decision isn’t one to cut down on. 

The Mattress

With comfort and protection, both being two essential factors in your adjustable bed purchase, the mattress is the most important thing to consider with your purchase. It doesn’t matter whether you buy the bed for someone who is in it all the time, or who needs it to rest throughout the day. You need a mattress that will provide relief to pressure sores, one that will help those who need relief for skin irritation, and you need it to be cost-effective. Mattress comfort matters and you need to consider that there are mattresses that can do all of that! You can buy adjustable bed mattresses that have a higher grade pressure distribution, and there are specialty options for those in bed most of the day, with functions that will ensure that bedsores are kept to a minimum.

The Advice

Before you buy any adjustable beds, consider speaking to the doctor or chiropractor. You need to ensure that you have the best advice possible to make the right purchase the first time. After consulting with the right people, you can ensure that you get the bed that suits your needs based on your ideas and your medical advice.

The Engineering

One of the most important things to know about buying a hospital bed for the home is the engineering of that bed. You are spending a considerable amount of money on this new bed, so you need to ensure that the bed base and the mattress are perfect. It would help if you also thought about the fact that this electronic bed has to meet the technical functions you want, too. No other piece of furniture is going to be as complicated as an adjustable bed, so choosing the right structure is vital. 

The preferred mattress type has to be considered, too! This bed will have far more adjustable parts than a regular bed, so you need to try and test it out before you complete your purchase. Play with the remote, adjust the bed and see whether it meets your needs for getting in and out. If the bed is too stiff or jerks around, you need to be aware! Any issues with the mechanisms and movement need to be known before you buy so that you can move on before you part with your case. Noisy and squeaky beds should also be avoided as much as possible – eleven if you find electronic beds on sale.

Adjustable Bed Features

You must choose the features of the adjustable bed wisely when you are shopping around. Though they come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes, you need to ensure that you are choosing the functions that you need. You may not need a USB port, but if you are bed bound, then a USB port can be a lifeline to charge a phone for contact with others. The basic electronic bed models only move up and down at the head and knee. Others can turn your sleep into something more futuristic!

With beds and mattresses coming with features like message functions, it’s essential to notice the cost vs the features that are added on! Preferably, you can get as many features as possible for the bed that you purchase, especially if the price isn’t a consideration for you. Below, we have some of the most popular features that you can consider when you are buying your adjustable bed.

Changeable, Programmable Positions

Every adjustable bed has the capacity to move, but whether you can get a bed with programmable positions via a remote or you have to manually change the position of the bed with a hand crank is essential to consider. Some beds give you a better choice of angles for head and knee lifting, and there are others that offer you the chance to save your favourite positions to use later. Most beds come with pre-programmed positions that are suited for different uses, so check with the store clerks to see what their advice may be!

Changeable Height

As well as changing positions, you need to have the feature that moves the bed up and down at the touch of a button. This will enable you or any family member using the bed to get in and out more comfortably, without risk of falling or any straining. The bed can be lowered to the floor, too, and lifted higher for caregivers to offer better care and support.

Massage Functions

Some luxury adjustable beds incorporate massage motors. These give the user the chance for an upper motor that works to relax the shoulders, neck and back, and then there is also a lower motor that works the legs. You will find relief for sore and painful muscles with this type of bed, and it’s a luxury feature that not all beds have!

Extra Safety

Seniors who are using adjustable beds all the time need to consider the extra safety features that some come with. From drop-down rails to extra side rails, these features will enable the user to remain in bed without fear of falling out during the night. Handrails and added pull-down steps could prevent any worrying about not being able to comfortably and securely get into bed.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy

When you get to the point of buying a bed you are interested in, don’t be fobbed off with a quick sales pitch. It would help if you made the correct choice here, and this bed is going to make or break how comfortable you or your family member is at home. It’s a significant investment to consider, and this is going to be a better purchase if you ask the right questions. Below, we have a list of some that you should make a note of when you go to make your purchase. 

What’s Included?

Always ask what is included with your purchase. This will help you to determine whether or not you are getting the deal you want on the bed compared to what you’ve seen elsewhere.

Does this bed come with a warranty? 

A warranty will ensure you for a shorter period of time, but it will cover you for repairs and replacements, and you need to know how long this warranty will be valid for. You cannot claim on the bed with the retailer if there is no warranty!

Can I add insurance to this purchase? 

Some adjustable beds come with the option of adding insurance to go beyond the warranty age. This will help you to make the right choice with your bed or choose whether to buy private insurance to add to it.

What is the total cost with the additional features? 

Adjustable beds are not always cheap, but it’s a shock when you think you get all of the features included until you get to the checkout! Ask whether the features you want are included in the total price of the bed first.

Are there any discounts?

A lot of places will offer electronic beds for sale and on sale, and they will come with specific discounts for certain features. You may even be able to snag a discount on the bed itself. Some places have these discounts, but they don’t make them known, so it’s always worth asking.

The Takeaway

No matter what you do or which bed you buy, you need to research, research, research. This is a significant investment and whether this bed is for you or for a senior member of your family, informed is the best thing that you can be before you go ahead. Make the right choice, and you will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible with the proper bed frame and mattress together!

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