Mobility Caring’s Quick Guide To Walking Aids

Mobility Caring’s Quick Guide To Walking Aids

Mobility Caring’s Quick Guide To Walking Aids

A walking aid is a device that supports an elderly or immobile person to be independent whilst walking or to balance themselves safely, avoiding a fall. It can also be used to transfer your weight from the upper limb to the floor.

Walking aids also come in helpful during rehabilitation after an injury. A person could change the walking aid depending on the progress of the injury, increase in strength and being self-reliant. Currently, there are various types of walking aids in the market catering to those who need help for a shorter or longer period.

It is most beneficial for those inflicted with injuries on both legs, where it is necessary to reduce the weight on the injury.

Selecting a walking depends on a person’s mobility, fitness and health condition. The right selection and fitting of a walking aid is done well by a qualified physiotherapist.

Types of Walking Aids

Walking sticks, crutches and walkers are 3 types of walking aids available at Mobility Caring.

Walking Stick

The Swan neck walking stick is a popular aluminium walking stick that is silver-coloured, durable, strong and lightweight with an anti-slip rubber tip and wrist strap. Its height is adjustable and allows a 113kg max user weight.

Mobility caring walking stick


The Ergonomic Grip Forearm crutch is a fast-moving, strong, and durable device. The ergonomic grip forearm is manufactured with high tensile extruded aluminium to make it lightweight and sturdy. The ergonomic palm grip distributes pressure for extra comfort and the fineness rubber tips for support.

Days Aluminium Underarm crutches


Auscare/Days’ seat walker with a basket is one of the popular walkers available at Mobility Caring. It has a lightweight aluminium frame with soft rubber hand grips, handbrakes and a lockable loop lever. It has a curved padded backrest for comfort and a cushioned seat that can be lifted to access the shopping bag.


Learning more about walking aids

Before you determine what is more suitable for your needs , it is important to understand what each is and what the main differences are between them. A walking frame also known as a walker, standard walker, front-wheeled walker, or a rolling walker in some countries. Here is a blog that can help you understand What people are a good fit for using a walking frame - Mobility Caring.

A Zimmer walking frame may be useful if you require extra support when walking. In our helpful guide, you can learn more about this mobility device. Find our more from our blog 

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