The Benefits Of Various Positioning Aids

The Benefits Of Various Positioning Aids

The Benefits Of Various Positioning Aids

The advantages of comfort and positioning aids have two purposes: they help the user feel more comfortable and reduce muscle or joint pain, while also offering relief for specific conditions or symptoms, such as acid reflux, problems with breathing, circulation, or pressure management. Position aids come in a wide variety of forms, many of which can be combined, and they all offer various advantages or alleviation.

The following are the three primary categories of comfort and positioning aids:

  • Backrest and body support
  • Supports for leg rest
  • Supports for positioning and side sleeping

Supports for the back or body

Bed wedges, body pillows, and other backrest supports might be the ideal aid to improve spinal comfort and support while sitting up or sleeping.

Curve ActiveX™ Pillow

The Icare Visco Curve Neck Pillow’s high-density ActiveX TM has been designed to support the neck and shoulders. This pillow is ideal for those who struggle with neck and back pain.

Curve ActiveX™ Pillow

Back Rest

From a supine position to a low-lying angle, the Back Rest may be adjusted into four different configurations, making it solid and comfortable. appropriate for beds and chairs. Folds flat for convenient transport and storage. Attractive and easy to maintain.

Additionally, when used properly while sleeping, the elevated angle can help relieve the symptoms of the flu, sinusitis, and colds, as well as breathing problems and/or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), by allowing gravity to stop stomach acids from ascending to the throat.


Leg rest Supports

Most often, leg rests and knee supports are used to improve weight distribution, which lessens pressure on the lower back and eases discomfort in hurting joints and muscles as well as improves circulation.

When used in conjunction with a bed wedge or back support, knee relaxers or knee supports are intended to cradle the back and relax the vertebrae along the spine. As a result, the chest can expand and lung capacity increased for more comfortable breathing.

Coccyx Wedge Cushion

  • Made of soft open cell foam
  • Cutout for pressure alleviation on the tailbone from the rear assistance (coccyx)
  • removable cotton cover with a zipper

Full leg supports are ideal for people who are recovering from an illness or have varicose veins, swollen ankles, or legs. Pressure on the lower back is relieved by lifting the legs away from the hips. This also improves circulation, which helps with vascular drainage and lessens the workload on the heart.

Coccyx Wedge Cushion

Supports for side sleeping and positioning

When sleeping on your side, leg spacers, knee cushions, positioning body wedges, and supports are all designed to help maintain the proper spinal and body alignment. The back muscles and spine could experience less pressure and tension by reclining in the right position, which improves better sleep.

By improving pressure distribution, the correct side sleeping posture can help prevent the emergence of pressure sores in specific places and being in this position all through the night can help reduce snoring too.

For people who awaken with hip or back pain, leg spacers or knee cushions are ideal since they correct leg and spinal alignment in your sleep.

Inaccurate alignment can cause pressure and strain to build up in the legs and the lower back, where the spine arches.

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