Keep Your Search For A Mobility Scooter Moving By Understanding Costs

Keep Your Search For A Mobility Scooter Moving By Understanding Costs

Keep Your Search For A Mobility Scooter Moving By Understanding Costs

When we buy a car, most of us accept that we can expect some variations in price between, say, a Tesla or a Ford. Mobility scooters are no different, and the price you can expect to pay is going to vary from as little as $1400 right up to a ceiling of $8,000 depending on –

  • Your location
  • Your dealership of choice
  • Your needs
  • Your preferences
  • The models you consider
  • And so on

With this in mind, there’s no clear answer to the question ‘how much do mobility scooters cost?’ but there are ways to ensure that you understand how much you’re likely t to pay, and what you can typically expect for that price. Here, we’re going to consider what those techniques are, and how you can apply them to your next search.

Settling on a clear price range

Few of us would jump into a new car hunt without first settling on a price range. After all, if the sky is your financial limit then you could end up paying way more than you meant to for a product that has far more features than you need. The same rules apply for mobility scooters, and settling on a clear price range to begin with can not only help you to stick within reasonable limits but also ensures that you have a clearer idea of the products that fit within that price bracket. 

To help you decide this price range when you’re first starting out, you must consider a range of crucial determining factors, including – 

  • Your overall budget
  • The frequency with which you intend to use your scooter
  • The surfaces you’ll be travelling on
  • Where you intend to take your scooter (flights/day trips, etc.)
  • The ease with which you need to transport your scooter
  • And more

Pro tip: As a quick reference, consider that, on average, a light, portable scooter for predominant use on tarmac will typically cost around $2,000-$6,000, while a scooter for heavier usage, especially on grass, hills, etc. is more likely to range around $4,500-$8,000. 

Ultimately, it’s important to be realistic about your budget, especially considering that a cheaper scooter will typically be a false economy if you intend on heavy usage. It’s also worth noting that you may end up paying more for things like storage or foldable scooters, but that these are worth the cost if such focuses are important to you. 

Factoring for additional costs

It’s also vital to note that, while your mobility scooter itself is liable to be the most expensive upfront aspect of this purchase, it’s not a standalone item. In fact, mobility scooter ownership comes with a range of additional costs, and taking these into account is fundamental for gaining a reliable idea of how much mobility scooters really cost. 

It’s most important to note that, while insurance isn’t mandatory for disability scooters in Australia, it is recommended to help you protect your investment and avoid unexpected repairs or legal costs. Luckily, there are plenty of reliable insurers for mobility scooters, and costs here tend to come in at around the $185 per annum mark, which is more than worth the protection that it offers. 

Typically, keeping your mobility scooter in the best possible condition is also reliant on your purchase of various additional accessories including – 

  • Seat covers
  • Walking frame holders
  • Saddlebags
  • Sun canopies
  • Rear-view mirrors
  • Universal chargers
  • And more

Again, these additional expenses should be factored into your initial purchase, giving you a better idea of how much your mobility scooter has cost upfront, and also ensuring that your overall purchase is within a budget that you’re happy with. 

Understanding how you can save money

If the idea of spending $8,000 on a mobility scooter doesn’t appeal to you (you wouldn’t be alone!) it’s also worth considering a few of the ways that you can cut costs here. Much like buying a car, there are some pretty handy ways to get the quality mobility scooter you need for less, and they include –

  • Finding a quality dealership

As with any purchase, all dealers are going to offer you a different price, and jumping into the first mobility scooter purchase you find is never going to see you saving. Instead, it’s vital to shop around and see how the same items compare. Most notably, you’ll know if you’re getting a good deal thanks to crucial cost-saving additions such as price match guarantees and free shipping.

  • Seeking financing options

There are also some fantastic financing options for disability scooters, such as the support offered by NDIS on select disability scooters for any Australian resident who is over 65 and living with a disability. Government funding schemes like MASS and CAETI are also invaluable for offsetting out of reach costs, and ensuring that you never have to compromise on the mobility scooter that you need. 

  • Buying second hand

It’s also well worth delving into the second-hand mobility scooter market though, as with cars, you should always ensure that you’re buying from a verified, tested dealership. While the latest models may remain out of reach when you buy a mobility scooter this way, you should still be able to find some fantastic bargains that keep costs low and make it far easier for you to get around without worry. 

Contact Mobility Caring to get to grips with costs at last

Here at Mobility Caring, we go above and beyond to keep our mobility scooters accessible and affordable for everyone. This is a promise we ensure with our price match guarantees, after-sales services, and free delivery Australia-wide over $399. We’re also proud to be a registered NDIS and home care package provider, ensuring that you’re always able to afford the mobility scooter of your dreams. These benefits are a large reason for our 25,000+ happy customers to date, and they’re offered with the backing of 100+ staff members and mobility scooter experts, who can talk you through your entire purchase, ensuring you understand costs, and helping you find a deal that you can drive home with.

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