Soteria Lift Chairs: Everything You Need to Know

Soteria Lift Chairs: Everything You Need to Know

Soteria Lift Chairs: Everything You Need to Know

We regularly feature mobility products and share information on mobility aids, such as lift chairs, toilet chairs, and scooters, in our posts, so you can make informed decisions that benefit your loved ones the most.

In this post, we'll will talk about Soteria electric lift chairs for the elderly and for those who've experienced a decline in mobility. There are a range of brands on the market, but we'll explain to you why Soteria chairs remain a top choice for assistive technology.

Soteria lift chairs and recliners come with many mobility-supportive features so users can stay comfortable when reading a book or chatting with their friends. These upholstered armchairs can be tilted backward and have a footrest that extends from the front.

Mobility lift recliners are the best way to keep your loved ones in a safe position while sitting and prevent them from slipping while getting up or adjusting their position.

What are Soteria lift chairs?

A Soteria lift chair recliner is a chair that features a powered-lifting mechanism. Such a mechanism pushes the entire chair up from the base to assist the user to a standing position.

Other names for lift chairs include:

  • Sit-to-stand chairs

  • 3-position recliners

  • Pop-up chairs

  • Infinite position recliners

  • Mobility lounge chairs

These specialist recliner chairs are easy to operate. The user only pushes buttons on a remote instead of engaging a switch or a lever. A user may choose to recline the chair or put it in an upright position with just the push of a button.

Soteria electric lift recliners ensure that your loved ones are always in the perfect position while sitting. Put the chair on the sleep recline position, and you have the best setup for your loved ones to take a nap.

You can also move the footrest and the backrest separately to achieve the most comfortable position for your beloved all the time.

Soteria power lift recliners are run by electricity and can carry weights between 150 kg to 220 kg.

Make sure you are well within the recommended weight range before buying a unit.  There are units made for people with smaller body frames, and if your loved ones are petite, buy those units with a load capacity of 150 kg.

Check the high-end units that feature vibration massage and lumbar heating that can help enhance blood circulation and wellbeing.

Mobility caring Soteria lift chairs

How does a Soteria lift recliner work?

Soteria electric adjustable lift chairs come with a remote control that has buttons for adjusting the footrest and the headrest, along with the ability to lift the recliner as a whole.

These elderly and disability devices are designed with the elderly and people with mobility challenges in mind. These devices allow users to stand up or sit down without much effort.

A functional lift chair works on the same principle. The user presses a button on the remote, and the whole chair slowly rises and comes to a position where it is easy to sit down on it or get out of it.

If your loved ones have difficulty moving in and out of the current chair they use, the best solution is to buy a Soteria lift chair for them to use instead.

What are the benefits of Soteria lift chairs?

Soteria lift chairs come with huge benefits for people with mobility issues:

  • They reduce strain and optimise comfort – Standing up and sitting down using a lift chair will no longer put stress on your body.

  • A lift chair can help you prevent falls and injuries – The chair is designed to move up and recline so you can have complete control of the standing process. As it moves you upward, you can clasp your hands on the armrests that provide extra support until your feet feel ready enough to carry your body in a standing position.

  • Health benefits – A Soteria electric lift chair has health-enhancing features, such as vibration massage and lower backbone heating.

  • Supports good posture – Soteria lift and recline chairs help to reduce skeletal joint fatigue and maintain muscle tone. They can also help users keep proper alignment of the body. That is why people with spinal curvature issues such as lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis should also consider using these chairs.

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Are Soteria lift chairs good for the elderly?

Yes, power lift chairs are good for the elderly.

As the people we love age, it becomes hard to do things they once took for granted, such as standing up from a chair. But you can help take back the independence your senior family members lost over aging. Get them to use a Soteria power lift chair.

Besides helping them get up to a standing position, Soteria lift chairs benefit them with their reclined position while sitting.

The reclining position allows the users to reduce the excess build-up of fluid in their legs and improve circulation in that body part.

Another benefit for seniors is the ability of Soteria chairs to reduce the anxiety that goes with aging. They relieve users, who are aging, of the pressure to ask someone for help when sitting or standing.

The type of chair you need will depend on your precise circumstances, so get in touch with us for assistance.

What do I need to know before buying a Soteria lift chair? 

Things to consider before buying a Soteria electric recliner lift chair include:

  • Available positions – Depending on your condition, you want to achieve particular positioning from a lift chair. Make sure to review the positions that you can achieve with it, so you get the full benefit of using such a chair.

  • Lift chair accessories – You don't just want a boring standard chair. Ask the seller (and our team) for mobility aids & accessories that go with the lift chair. Many mobility aid companies sell accessories seat covers, side tables, head pillows, and medical health sheepskin to go with their lift chair units. These add-ons are for your loved ones’ additional support and comfort.

  • Fit – Lift chairs come in a variety of sizes, so you can use a unit that perfectly fits your body and size-related needs. Make sure that you choose the size that will ensure you remain comfortable always and prevent things like slouching to one side or hanging feet. People at risk of skin breakdown must carefully consider the size of the lift chair they will buy.

  • Weight capacity – Pick the one that can carry your weight conveniently without breaking. How long is the life expectancy of the chair? What warranty terms does it have?

  • Style and fabric – There is a wide range of lift chairs in the market today, so you can have a lot of options to choose from in terms of fabric and style. Pick the one that blends well with the decors of the area where you will place it.

There are Soteria fabric options with a moisture-barring feature, so check that out if you need your chair to be really dry all the time.

Check the product spec before you buy the chair. Petite lift chairs generally have 45.72-cm wide seats. Bigger models have either 50.8-cm or 55.88-cm wide seats.

Check the chair’s backrest height, which is the distance from the seat to the top of the chair.

On small models, the backrest stands between 60.96 to 63.5 cm. Medium-sized models have a backrest height between 63.5 to 68.58 cm, while the largest models have a backrest height between 71.12 and 73.66 cm.

The petite models have the shortest backrest height ranging from 55.88 cm to 60.96 cm.

All these options are available with the full range of Soteria lift chair products.

What warranty coverage do Soteria lift chairs have?

Most lifting recliner warranties cover parts for at least one year, but it varies depending on the model.

If you buy your chair from us, you will have the advantage of purchasing extended coverage on your lift recliner for two or three years.

Along with warranty coverage on parts and labour, we can also provide after-purchase customer care.

For more information, kindly get connected with customer assistants and product experts. Please browse through the website to see the range of fabric, colour, size, and functionalities that each sit-to-stand recliner chair offers.

Do all Soteria lift chairs recline?

Yes, all Soteria lift chairs recline, and that is the function through which they help users achieve a standing or sitting position.

We categorise lift chairs by the degree of recline they can achieve, footrest positioning, recline mechanism. These chairs fall under three categories: 2-position, 3-position, and infinite position. Note there is no such thiing as 'a typical chair type;.

The first category includes all lift chairs that can achieve a 45-degree position. Such positioning is suitable for watching TV or reading.

The 3-position lift chairs can achieve an almost flat position and stop at any angle in between. These chairs are also suitable for TV watching and reading.

An infinite electric recliner chair can achieve a full recline, also known as zero-gravity, and everything in between. That means a position where the user’s feet are lifted above their heart. You can lay flat parallel to the floor with this type of lift chair.

Do Soteria power recliners work without power?

No, it does not. If your lift chair does not have a backup battery, you cannot adjust it during a power outage. Or you can choose to buy a model equipped with a backup battery that you can still use when a power outage occurs.

You cannot operate a power recliner manually as its motor is designed to do all the moving.

Does the NDIS fund lift chairs?

Be careful when choosing a lift chair because these chairs tend to be expensive. While you can get a chair for as low as $600, high-end recliner chairs can cost up to AU$7,000, with the lowest price at about a thousand dollars.

The NDIS will help you buy a single recliner chair as long as you satisfy the requirements:

  • Is a lift chair related to your disability?

  • Is a lift chair the proper assistive device for you?

  • Is the assistive device you need value for money?

  • Is your lift chair funded or provided by someone else?

The NDIS will not fund your lift chair if it is the job of another organisation to provide or fund it. For instance, the health department will provide the equipment you need in the hospital and allow you to use it for some time after you come home from surgery.

If the NDIS does not fund your chair, it will help you find the right scheme or provider for you to secure a unit.

How can I make a Soteria lift chair more comfortable?

It may come to a point when you feel uncomfortable while sitting on your lift chair for any of the following reasons:

  • Worn-out padding – Seating on your lift chair for years could wear the cushion, making it uncomfortable to you coming into contact with the seat.

  • Worn-out tension springs – This condition may have already occurred to your lift chair if you feel lumps or feel sinking while you adjust to sitting on it. Another sign is sagging spots on the seat.

  • Bad lumbar support – This condition has already occurred if the chair suddenly feels unable to support your back completely, which can lead to lower back pain.

Lift recline chairs can feel uncomfortable to users because of worn-out padding. The solution is simply to put in a new cushion. If lumbar support is lacking, you can fix the backrest or adjust the armrests.

Check the tension springs, and if they already have worn out, you can have them replaced with new ones.

Check out our Soteria lift chairs

It is a condition requires that you use a lift chair for a long time, the best option is to buy a durable sit-to-stand chair unit like the Soteria lift chair units we are selling. We work only with quality mobility equipment manufacturers that deliver top-notch products that last for long.

If you need mobility assistance, Home Caring is right place to be. We've got high-quality products in our online store we know you'll love.

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