Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Lift Chair For Arthritis

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Lift Chair For Arthritis

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Lift Chair For Arthritis

A lift chair is like a normal recliner. Both these chairs could be used to recline to a position or stretch the feet with a footrest. However, there is also some distinctness between the two chairs. E.g., most of the recliners are manually operated, and a lift chair is operated with a switch of a button. A lift chair has a motor that can lift a person from a sitting to a standing position to easily get off the chair.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In the beginning, a lift chair seems like an excellent key for people having trouble getting up from a chair. The lift chair motor does the needful and looks after the struggle of getting up from sitting to standing. Two well-known Physical Therapists from Ohio have different views on whether a lift chair is good for everyone.

One therapist’s advice is not to get a lift chair as she believes that a patient becomes dependent on the chair as it does all the work from sitting to standing and this stops the patient from using their leg muscles and ends up being gradually weaker.

The other therapist is worried least about this issue, yet believes that the use of a lift chair differs according to the patient’s need. She has recommended the lift chair for those who understand and have adequate knowledge of the safety to operate it safely. It is useful to transfer patients, which is a difficult process of functional mobility among most patients. Still, there are some issues, such as some users forgetting to stretch their knees to stand, and eventually slide out.

Ensuring the Correct Lift Chair

Initially, any concerns regarding a lift chair should be discussed with your doctor. Once your doctor approves your decision, check out for insurance cover.

To ensure the correct lift chair, look at the advantages of having one.

Is it comfortable and assist to relieve pain?

Does it assist to stand up from the seated position?

Is it vital to put your feet up after reclining?

As the lift chair takes away some burden from your leg muscles, it is recommended to consult a physical therapist to establish an exercise routine that includes muscle training and series-of-action exercises.

Although a new lift chair could be very comfortable and easier to get up, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need your muscles furthermore. Continuing to exercise, walking even with a cane or a seat walker, is completely necessary to maintain strength and mobility.

Mobility Caring has a wide range of recliner lift chairs and the  Pride C6 recliner lift chair and the Royale Chadwick fabric soft-touch lift chair are some of the popular recliner lift chairs available in their stores.

Pride C6 Recliner Lift Chair

The C6 absolute power lift recliner, equipped with detachable upholstery parts and dual motors for independent recline/footrest function, taking resting to a new level of style. This full steel lift chair brings extra distinction to any living space.

Royale Chadwick Fabric Soft Touch Lift Chair

This is a quad motor-powered lift chair with head and power lumbar and free sheepskin. Licensed for Mobility Caring, this modern recliner lift chair has comfort in your control. The rare quad motor technology assures adjustment to a fully independent headrest, lumbar, backrest and footrest.

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