Top Five Travel Friendly Mobility Aids


Top Five Travel Friendly Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are appliances manufactured to assist people with issues moving around and being unable to enjoy their freedom and independence. Some of these are designed to enhance balance, increase strength and help with the weakness of the legs. It can improve safety by preventing falls, permitting users to be active without the assistance of a caregiver or loved one. Usually, those with disabilities, injuries or the elderly who are at risk of falling, prefer to use mobility aids.

Types of Mobility Aids

The ability to move is very important to a person’s life, otherwise, getting about during the day could become troublesome. Usually, when an illness or injury pressurizes to concede movability, it is natural when people begin to look for alternatives. Luckily, mobility devices have come a long way and currently, the wide range of mobility equipment can cater to any type of challenges people face.

Mobility scooters, seat walkers, power chairs, wheelchairs and walking sticks are the various types of mobility aids commonly used.


Travel-Friendly Mobility Aids

Having the correct mobility aid when travelling can make a very big difference in your vacation. Lightweight mobility aids are suitable and the best for indoor and outdoor locations and easily foldable for storage and portability.

Mobility Scooters

Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter Automatic Folding

It is an electric scooter that could be folded and unfolded as per the user’s requirement. It can be easily manoeuvered with its unique remote-control mechanism.

The Genie travel mobility scooter is a one-of-a-kind mobility device, manufactured to give the best user requirement. It could be stored easily and could fit into a vehicle for transportation. It is airline friendly and in line with airline regulations too.


Quest S19 Deluxe Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

It is easily foldable and a space saver that adjusts to fit inside any closet or vehicle boot. It is sleek, modern and very easy to operate, resulting in being the best travel mobility scooter selection.

It could be taken on overseas holidays without affecting luggage allowance. Weighing only 23.3kg it is approved by airlines as a wheelchair and the lithium batteries with MSD certificate are safe for flight.

Seat Walkers

Days Aluminium 8-inch Seat Walker with Loop Brake

This is a lightweight and strong walker that is easy to operate. Easily foldable and portable with one-touch handbrakes. It is an all-purpose walker fixed with a large comfortable seat and shopping compartment underneath.

Mobility caring Seat Walkers

Adventure Hand brake Walker

It is a walker with height adjustable handles and lockable handbrakes for additional strength. The frame and backrest could be folded for storage or transportation. It has a reversible backrest, vinyl bag and a curved padded seat for additional support and comfort.

Power Chairs

Drive Medical Titan Power Chair

This front-drive power chair is a modern and comfortable choice for those looking for a portable power mobility device, suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Its front-wheel system points the drive wheel forward of the user’s centre of gravity resulting in the chair being very strong and perform well over slight barriers. It is also excellent indoors, gliding easily in tight and small spaces.


Pride Jazzy Passport Travel Power Chair

This power chair is a great product and can be folded up in a few minutes for transportation or storage making travelling effortless.  Mesh cup holder, rear back pocket and storage bag underneath the seat are some of its features. Travelling on this device is a beautiful experience.


Karma Ergo Lite Deluxe Wheelchair

This is the lightest self-propelled wheelchair in the ‘Ergo’ product range with removable footrest hangers and typical Aegis microbe shield and shaped seat like the other Ergo range wheelchairs. The seat also helps pressure redistribution and assists to prevent the user slither down the seat. Although the frame is extremely lightweight, it has been manufactured on par with the same quality and strength as the other karma wheelchairs.


Drive Medical S1 Steel Wheelchair

This is a cost-effective steel wheelchair with features usually found in more sophisticated models which include strong low maintenance tyres and footrests that could be changed as per user’s requirements. It could be taken away to assist transfers or removed for storage or transportation. Parking brakes on rear wheels to ensure user’s safety and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Walking Sticks

Quad Base Walking Stick

It is a lightweight aluminium walking stick offering maximum strength to the user with its large base fixed with four legs featuring anti-slip rubber tips. Its maximum user weight is 113.4kg.


Swan Neck Walking Stick

This walking stick is aluminium with an anti-slip rubber tip and wrist strap, it is lightweight, durable and strong with a maximum user weight of 113kg.

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