Bathing Aids: a Short Guide to Giving You the Support You Deserve

Bathing Aids: a Short Guide to Giving You the Support You Deserve

Bathing Aids: a Short Guide to Giving You the Support You Deserve

It is crucial to ensure that, whatever your physical abilities, you feel secure and independent, especially when it comes to daily tasks like getting in and out of the bath. These days, there are many mobility aids that can assist you in every part of your life. When it comes to elders, many find it difficult to move about by themselves. Mobility aids provide that all-important stability and support. With falls being a common reason for accidents in elderly people, mobility aids are invaluable, especially in the bathroom. Here are some of the most important mobility aids in a bathroom environment.

Bath Lift 

A normal bath can be difficult for an elderly or differently-abled person. A bath lift is a device fitted over a bathtub so the person can get in and out via an electric mechanism attached to the wall. With the push of a button, the person can be raised or lowered into the bath, reducing the need of having physical human help. There are a variety of bath lifts to suit an individual’s needs, with different weights and sturdiness so the individual can control the speed.

Safety Railing 

For individuals using a shower, a grab bar or handrail can be installed nearby to provide extra support when moving. For those who are in need of support while standing up or moving in and out of a shower or bath, study material can give the individual something to hold onto, preventing a fall. Safety railings such as grab bars and handrails are suited to people who need a little bit of help when moving in and out of the bath. Therefore it is ideal for people with already good upper body strength. Prior to installing, the individual should recognise how their current strengths would suit their abilities to move from a bath or shower and if they need extra support. Support bars can either be attached with bolts or suction cups, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for some extra support.

Shower Seating 

If an individual has difficulty balancing in the shower or bath, or they do not have the energy to stand for long periods of time, a shower seat is perfect when it is needed. It can either take the form of a traditional chair with a backrest, or a bench-type seat with handles. Ideal for someone who is slowly regaining their energy, but looking for a way to rest after any exertion, shower seating is the perfect way for someone to look at regaining their strength. Shower chairs are secure and have rubber-tipped feet to prevent any sliding. In addition, bath chairs or bath benches can make getting in and out of the bath easier, by allowing you to sit at a 90-degree angle outside the bath before you swim your legs over, making it ideal for a handheld shower in the bath.

Non-Slip Bath Mats 

One of the most common causes of accidents is slipping when getting in and out of the bath. Non-slip bath mats work by attaching moulded suction cups to the surface of the bath, ensuring that if you are lowering yourself into the bath that there is no potential for injury.

Hand-Held Shower

For many people who have issues with their mobility, the act of getting in and out of the bath is too much to bear with. Having a handheld shower is an easy way to clean every area of the body when you are sat down. A handheld shower is attached to a tap in the bath or the sink, and is a gently flowing water, making it ideal for someone with sensitive skin, or who needs to have a quick wash in the sink.

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Needs

As you can see there is a variety of equipment to help you in the bathroom. It is important to find the right equipment for your needs. It’s crucial that you are mindful of what you purchase, and this is why you need to consider some of the following in making your bathroom safe and accessible:


The equipment durability matters a lot. When you can see that bath and shower aids are in constant contact with water, you need to choose materials that are corrosion resistant and will withstand many years of water impact. 


Depending on your individual needs, you will need a strong bath or shower aids. Bath lifts can help you get in and out of the bath safely. Many products come with remote controls, ensuring you can get in and out of the bath without overexerting yourself. 

The Help You Need

When you purchase bathing aids, you must consider that the equipment offers you the help you need. Because something like a toilet frame is not just something to place over the commode, but each different style comes with very degrees of comfort and durability, you need to make sure that it suits your needs. Choosing the right piece of equipment means that it should help you in every aspect of your life.

Making a Safe Bathroom Environment

In addition, there are other things that we can do to create a safe bathroom environment. To make the daily tasks as pleasant as possible, we have to make the experience as positive as possible. Mobility aids can help, but we also need to practice due diligence in certain areas. There are some things you can do to make your bathroom safer, including:

  • Setting a hot water temperature at 40 C to prevent scalding. 
  • Placing toiletries within easy reach. 
  • Preventing slips and falls by mopping up excess water with a cloth. 
  • Establishing a routine, guaranteeing you can avoid difficult tasks when you are fatigued.
  • Avoiding wearing any long clothing that could cause a trip hazard.

There are a variety of products to guarantee that you can support yourself in the bathroom environment. From bathing to sitting down, and comfort, bathing aids come in many different forms guaranteeing that they will make a massive difference to your life.

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