Four Of The Best Easy To Disinfect Shower Seats

Four Of The Best Easy To Disinfect Shower Seats

Four Of The Best Easy To Disinfect Shower Seats

The use of a shower seat is helpful to keep the user safe, preventing from falling and providing a protected place in a soapy, unsafe shower or bath. These seats are designed to help those who have an imbalance or cannot keep standing for a long time when showering. It is also useful for wheelchair users, the elderly or any others who are inflicted with pain when moving too much.

Shower chair, shower stool, bath board and bath transfer bench are some shower seats equipped with plastic seats to make it easy to clean and disinfect.

Shower Chair

This chair has a shaped plastic molded seat which is comfortable, easy to clean and disinfect.

Portable Folding Shower Chair Aluminium

The seat is sensibly designed, sloping slightly for the water to flow away for quick drainage. The steel frame is with 22.2m tubing for a firm grip to transfer safely and easily. The seat and lid are manufactured using the best plastic with the least resilience and capable of carrying up to 130kg.

Aluminium Shower Stool with Padded Seat

This aluminium shower stool with a padded seat from Homecraft is a safe and comfortable showering aid.

Mobility caring Padded seat

It is manufactured with strong non-corroding aluminium with a push-button for leg adjustments. The sliding legs within give an easy and simple height adjustment, preventing any occurrence of water filling the legs. Its reinforced frame helps the user to grip firmly whilst transferring safely and easily. The padded seat is comfortable and removable for cleaning and disinfecting.

Etac Fresh Bath Board

The outstanding Etac Fresh Bath board is a touchstone of the industry. The broad front edge located on the outer side of the bath gives utmost support during transfers. The slim mid area simplifies easy access for intimate hygiene. The inside edge is designed to keep shampoo and soap.

Etac Fresh Bath Board

It is available in two lengths to fit various bath sizes. As a standard, an orange support handle is fitted for more safety. Due to hygienic precautions, this product cannot be returned or exchanged.

Homecraft Transfer Bench with Back

This bench is ideal for those with a hip replacement or a broken leg to shower independently. It has a seat to rest whilst washing. If it is used in a bathtub, two bench legs sit inside the tub and two on the floor outside for more stability. It is also safe for those who may have seizures whilst showering.


High-quality materials have been used in the manufacture. Its non-rusty, lightweight but sturdy aluminium frame is capable of withstanding constant use and pressure. Both the seat and back are thickly padded for comfort and the water drains smoothly from the sectioned seat. Easy to clean and durable plastic seat.



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