How To Select A Shower Chair

How To Select A Shower Chair

How To Select A Shower Chair

Having a shower daily is a habitual activity in a person’s life. In certain instances, where differently abled or elderly are concerned, this activity could be a tough and hazardous task due to poor stability and limb strength. Taking this into consideration, it is advisable to resort to using a shower chair as a safety measure.

Shower chairs assist people to be comfortable when sitting or transferring to and from the bathroom. There are few notabilities in the selection of the best suitable shower chair.


Ensuring the selected shower chair can withhold the user’s weight.


The capacity of the shower chair can hold is also important. It should adapt according to the user’s body proportion and surroundings.

  • Dimension of Seat–Across and base

  • Adult or pediatric


The weight of the shower chair depends on the components used in its manufacture as its safety changes according to the type of material such as aluminium, zinc, steel or plastic used.

Plastic is the lightest material and holds less weight. Steel, which is the heaviest material used, could hold the highest weight load safely. Aluminium and zinc are lighter than steel.


A compact shower chair or a swivel chair could be used after considering the environment.


Height adjustable legs which are suitable for uneven floors.

Transportable as it could be disassembled.

Some shower chairs could be used as a commode due to their combined feature.


The Soteria aluminium shower chair, Homecraft aluminium shower chair, Days’ aluminium shower chair and Homecraft extra-wide steel shower chair are four of the popular shower chairs available at Mobility Caring stores Australia wide.

Shower Chair–Aluminium

This chair from Soteria is a piece of majestic and safe equipment for those who require assistance to carry out their duties. Manufactured with strong lightweight aluminium, this chair could be used to shower seated securely and freely. It could also be taken apart to be conveniently stored away.

Portable Folding Shower Chair Aluminium

Homecraft Aluminium Shower Chair

This chair features a curved seat for water drainage, comfort and safety and is manufactured with a rustproof aluminium frame.

The easy height adjustment is supported by the internal uncoated sliding legs preventing the legs from water clogging. The 25.4m tubing used to reinforce the frame assists the user in getting a firm grip whilst making transfers secure and smooth. The chair is made according to Australian standards.

Days Aluminium Folding Shower Chair

This aluminium shower chair is foldable and height-adjustable. Featuring a plastic seat with a cut off front for personal cleaning, back support and standard side arms to enable the users to sit and get up from the seat safely.

Days Aluminium Folding Shower Chair

Homecraft Extra Wide Steel Shower Chair

This chair has a maximum user weight of 125kg, providing safe and comfortable showering, featuring a curved seat for water drainage and comfort. Manufactured with rust-free zinc and epoxy powder coated steel aluminium with stable rubber feet to avoid slipping.


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