The Benefits to Owning a Mobility Scooter

The Benefits to Owning a Mobility Scooter

The Benefits to Owning a Mobility Scooter

The Advantages of Buying A Mobility Scooter

There are many reasons why choosing to use a mobility scooter is the right option for you. With many benefits not only helping you to get out and about to own a mobility scooter, but the question also should not be ‘why should I use a mobility scooter?’; it should be ‘Why would I not use a mobility scooter?’

Each and every day, there are many people who live in pain and struggle with reduced mobility. The effects of living in pain can have massive ramifications on other parts of your health and well being. Becoming isolated due to mobility problems or increased pain levels when moving should not add to your health problems.

What is a mobility scooter?

A mobility scooter is a motorized scooter that is designed for use by people with limited mobility and those who are unable to walk long distances. Mobility scooters are becoming an increasingly popular option for those with health concerns or disabilities that affect their ability to get out and about easily.

With improved designs and battery life, modern mobility scooters are available in a range of styles with different features to help them be more accessible for users and cater to a wider range of the population.

Mobility scooters can come as small models that will fit easily into the boot of your car. They can come equipped with a more heavy-duty battery allowing them to last longer between charges – some models are able to travel up to 50 kilometres from one charge. Other mobility scooters can be used on different terrains allowing users to navigate uneven ground, different surfaces, and steep hills.

Who can use a mobility scooter?

There are no restrictions as to exactly who can use a mobility scooter. Many people have an image of older adults and the infirm being the sole users of mobility scooters. 

While this is true for the most part, many more people in different age ranges and demographics are discovering the benefits of using a mobility scooter for themselves. 

If you are struggling with reduced mobility, chronic pain, pain when you move, joint pain, fatigue, back problems, chronic illnesses, or diseases, then using a mobility scooter could help you regain your independence and start living your life with more ease as you can move around with ease.

Mobility scooters are also ideal for those who are struggling to drive but still need a way to get from place to place. A suitable mobility scooter for your needs can help ease the transition from driving while still allowing you to get around without walking long distances.

Is there anyone who should not use a mobility scooter?

As a general rule, mobility scooters require users to be able to lift their arms to manoeuvre the scooter and control it. If you struggle with lifting your arms for long periods or have limited upper body strength and range of shoulder motion, you may find that you will struggle when using the mobility scooter. For this reason, you may be more comfortable in a wheelchair, which eliminates the need for arm movements as required to use a mobility scooter.

What are the different types of mobility scooter available?

These days, there are a variety of different mobility scooters you can buy. If you are looking for a mobility scooter for sale, then it pays to know exactly which type of scooter you are wanting to use to make sure it does exactly what you need it to.

There are three standard sizes when it comes to different mobility scooters on the market today:

  • Small Mobility Scooters – travel up to 20 km
  • Mid-sized Mobility Scooters – 20 – 40 km
  • Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters – up to 50 km

However, these sizes of mobility scooters for sale can vary in design and styles to allow you to find one you are comfortable using on a regular basis.

What are the different features of a mobility scooter?

Depending on the model you choose and the manufacturer, you can find some or all of the following features on a mobility scooter in Sydney:

  • Front and Rear LED Lights
  • Basic Suspension on Smaller Models
  • Easy to Disassemble
  • Front Basket
  • Padded seats and Armrests
  • Rear View Mirrors
  • Hydraulic braking on Larger Models
  • Full Lighting System on Larger Models
  • Folding Mobility Scooter
  • Off-Road Scooter Options
  • Three-Wheeled Scooter Options
  • Optional Rain and Bad Weather Covers
  • Adjustable Speed Control Options

What are the benefits of using a mobility scooter?

Many people are finding that using a mobility scooter or a disability scooter has so many benefits for their mental health, social life and their mobility too. If you or someone you love is used to being active and getting out and about frequently, suddenly discovering you limited as to what you can do due to your mobility being reduced can be a huge shock. The decision to then add a motorized scooter to your life for increased mobility options can be vital. Regaining your mobility is the first step in helping you to regain your independence.

Mobility scooters are cheap to run and charge

Did you know that mobility scooters are fully electric? If you are switching from driving a car to buying a mobility scooter in Sydney, you can reduce your carbon footprint by going fully electric. Another bonus of mobility scooters being fully electric is that to charge them up, all you need to is to plug them into a regular power outlet. Unlike electric vehicles, which may need specialist charging points and cables, your portable mobility scooter can be charged at home like you would with a mobile phone or laptop.

In newer disability scooters, the battery capabilities are much improved from older models. Some scooters, especially the larger models such as the Pride mobility scooter 130 XL can travel up to 24km on a single charge giving you more power to take longer journeys in between charges. That being said, knowing how to care for your battery to extend battery life is vital to make sure you are getting the most from your disability scooter.

To extend your battery, you need to make sure you are charging the battery fully at regular intervals. Portable Mobility Scooters will perform better when in regular use and are charged fully consistently. It is important to know that you can’t overcharge a battery. So, if you know you will not be using it for a while, then ask a family member or trusted friend to put your disability scooter on charge for you to preserve battery life and function. 

Be careful not to let the battery run flat. Running your battery to flat frequently can damage the battery and reduce the power time and distance you get from a full charge. You may also find the battery could need replacing more frequently if it is not cared for properly.

Choosing mobility scooters Australia can help you to regain your independence

Being stuck in one place or reliant on others to help you get out and about can be incredibly frustrating and isolating, especially if you are used to being active and able to move around freely as and when you wish. Losing your mobility due to age, illness, bad health, genetic conditions, diseases, or an accident will take its toll on you not only physically but also mentally too.

A powered mobility chair is a great option if you still have upper body and arm mobility and want something that replaces the need for you to walk long distances to enable you to get out and about. No longer will you be reliant on others to help you when you want to leave the house. You can simply power up your mobility scooter and head on out.

Once you are able to get out more and be more socially active, you will find that you will regain more confidence around the home. A mobility scooter can help you cut down on the fatigue or pain associated with walking long distances when you are struggling, leaving you with more energy to do other things around the house or in the community.

You can even take your powered scooter on holiday with you too. Many airlines will allow you to check in your scooter with your luggage. Being able to do this means you can travel safely and confidently when holidaying in parts of Australia or around the world.

It may seem like a lot of pressure to put on a mobility scooter, however having the strength and energy to complete small tasks independently, do your own shopping, go out to meet family and friends, and more will help you start feeling like yourself again in next to no time.

A mobility scooter is really simple to operate

These days, mobility scooters are designed for a range of different abilities, terrains, and with optional extras depending on the model. With basics that come as standard, different features and models come in at different prices much in the same way cars do. One thing they do have in common is that mobility scooters are all pretty easy to operate and manoeuvre.

Each and every person who needs to use a mobility scooter does so for many different reasons. We are each unique in our wants and needs when it comes to finding the best mobility in Australia. For this reason, you need to do your homework when it comes to choosing which easy to operate mobility scooter will be ideal for you.

Using a modern mobility scooter has never been easier. The handlebars (tiller) have been designed in a way so that they are easy to manoeuvre even for people with limited upper body strength.

Many people are able to quickly pick up how to steer a mobility scooter, move forward, reverse, and turn the scooter they own with a little bit of practice. You need to be confident you can control the scooter and stop when you need to, especially unexpectedly. However, once you get the hang of these simple movements and actions, you can become proficient quite quickly.

How do you choose the right mobility scooter?

Firstly you need to assess how often you are going to use it. If it is for occasional use only, you may find a smaller, and more portable mobility scooter will meet your needs. If you will not be spending much time using it and it will be used on a more sporadic basis, then a lightweight model that is easy to use and store may be better for you.

If you live in a more uneven terrain location or you want to use your scooter for indoor, outdoor trips, days out, long journeys or even on steep hills, then looking for a more heavy-duty style mobility scooter could serve you well. These scooters can travel for longer without needing frequent charges and cover more uneven ground and different surfaces to help you get around more.

Next, take into consideration your local area and public transport. It may be that certain models of disability scooters could be too bulky to allow you easy access and manoeuvrability in enclosed spaces.

Are you still deciding whether or not to use a mobility scooter? Another excellent factor when looking at features available on a mobility scooter is that you can get adjustable speed mobility scooters to allow you to tackle more diverse areas and change your speed according to the climate or number of pedestrians around you.

Lastly, accessibility is another factor to consider. Australia is an extremely diverse and accessible country. This means that many shopping centers, public places, and transport options will have the means in place to accommodate you on your mobility scooter. However, older buildings and houses may not be accessible for some sizes of mobility scooters.

A mobility scooter does not need a license

Did you know that as mobility scooters are limited to 10 km per hour, they do not need a license or registration? As the scooters are designed to be used in pedestrian areas only, you do not need to have a driving license to operate them! All you need is a genuine reason for needing one and to be able to use it correctly. It may be worth discussing your concerns for eligibility with your GP or occupational therapist to make sure you are physically able to control a mobility scooter before investing in a mobility scooter for sale.

Using a mobility scooter can help to reduce injuries

When you are struggling with reduced mobility, at first you may find that you are more unsteady on your feet or have to relearn how to walk, coordinate your body to move your arms and legs properly or rely on different body parts or one side of the body more to compensate for reduced mobility. It makes sense that trips and falls will factor heavily when living with reduced mobility due to pain, exhaustion, or other conditions.

Being able to rely on a device such as a mobility scooter can not only eliminate the need to be walking long distances, but it can give a place to sit and rest should you need to when out and about. Another fantastic benefit of a mobility scooter is that you do not need to worry about carrying shopping luggage or heavy goods as many mobility scooters are specially designed to come with baskets or footwells that can easily hold items for you.

Whether you are a regular mobility scooter user or you have one at home for bad days or longer trips only, if you are struggling with longer walking distances or driving, the scooter can help you navigate these factors and make sure you are supported when out and about by giving you something to rely on.

Choosing your mobility scooter in Australia.

We know how frustrating it can be to not be able to do all the things you are used to doing or you have taken for granted in the past. Losing your mobility or finding you are no longer confident driving can be a huge setback, especially for those who like to be out and about often. 

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