Pride Pathrider 140XL Mobility Scooter: What You Need to Know

Pride Pathrider 140XL Mobility Scooter: What You Need to Know

Pride Pathrider 140XL Mobility Scooter: What You Need to Know

If you're looking for a high-quality all-terrain mobility scooter in Australia for your loved ones experiencing mobility issues, check out the Pathrider 140 XL manufactured by Pride Mobility Products Ltd.

The Pride Pathrider 140XL Performance Mobility Scooter is a robust, sporty, and powerful scooter that comes with full suspension for increased comfort.

What are the best features of the Pride Pathfinder 140XL?

The Pathfinder powered mobility scooter features an exciting blend of strength, precision, exceptional style, and power that features the following:

  • Hydraulic brake system

  • A Maximum obstacle climbing ability of 13 cm.

  • 24-volt DC motor

  • 33-cm pneumatic suspension powerful tyres

  • LED lighting

  • Easy-drive tiller

  • pillow-top comfort seat with headrest

What is the maximum speed of the Pathrider mobility scooter?

This scooter can travel up to 10 km/hr. Its turning radius is 210.8 cm, and it can cover a maximum distance of 35 km per charge.

Is the Pathfinder 140XL mobility scooter made in China?

The main headquarters of Pride Mobility is located in Duryea, Pennsylvania. The company also has operations in other countries, such as the UK, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Pride dedicates itself to providing expertly engineered and tested mobility aids and accessories to help consumers achieve the best quality of life and mobility goals. Besides mobility scooters, the company also supplies power lift recliners and power chairs.

Can the Pathfinder 140XL mobility scooter go out in the rain?

Mobility scooters, including the Pathfinder, are not waterproof. They are electrical devices designed to transport mobility-impaired people.

These devices are not designed for the rain, and if they are left out in the rain, they could suffer electrical issues. To protect your scooter from a torrential downpour, you may need to purchase protective accessories, such as a waterproof scooter cover.

Pathfinder 140XL mobility scooter

What accessories can we buy for added protection?

Extra accessories to ensure safety for the user include:

  • safety flag

  • rearview mirror

Other optional accessories for the Pathrider scooter 140XL include:

  • Rear and front baskets

  • Cup holder

  • Saddlebag

  • Lap belt

  • Oxygen tank holder

  • Cell phone holder

  • Cane clip attachment

  • Cane crutch holder

  • Under-seat storage (standard seating system meets patient need for comfort)

  • Walker holder

  • XLR USB charger

You may check more products and accessories from Mobility Caring. We have a great deal accessories for all mobility aid equipment, including:

  • Scooters

  • Bathroom chairs

  • Power lift chairs

  • Lift recliners

  • High back chairs

  • Manual mobility aid (wheelchairs, crutches, ramps, rollators, walking sticks, etc.)

Mobility Caring offers a wide range of mobility accessories under several categories, including:

  • Mobility scooter accessories

  • Accessories for convenience

  • Storage accessories

  • Medical accessories

  • Weather protection accessories

If you need to buy any of these accessories, call Mobility Caring and talk to their sales services assistants. They can guide you to the accessories that best fit your or your loved ones’ condition.

Mobility Caring makes sure that they offer friendly service and friendly care to customers.

How do you fix a water-damaged Pride Pathfinder mobility scooter? 

If your scooter gets wet and stops working, you can restore it to proper operation. Just let it dry completely. Park it indoors where it is not humid.

Pathfinder mobility scooter

How wide is the Pride 140XL mobility scooter?

The Pride 140XL comes with the following approximate dimensions:

  • Width = 0.69 m

  • Height = 0.68 m

  • Length = 1.43 m

  • Ground clearance = 13.3 cm at mid-frame

  • Shipping cubic = 0.66 m3

The weight capacity of this scooter is 181 kg. The total weight of this device, including the battery weight, is 167.70 kg. Without the two batteries (each weighing 25 kg), it weighs only 117.70 kg.

The heavy-duty design of these scooters allows them to tackle any kind of difficult terrain. These are the best electric scooters for off-roading.

How do I increase the range of my Pride 140XL scooter?

There are many ways to do it, including:

  • Riding at optimal speed.

  • Ensuring that no unnecessary electronics are running.

  • Cleaning your scooter.

  • Reducing the scooter’s load.

  • Inflating the tyres.

  • Not draining the batteries completely.

Note that the range provided by mobility scooter companies is just theoretical. The actual range depends on many factors, such as:

  • The vehicle’s condition

  • The battery’s condition

  • Driver’s weight

  • Ambient temperature

  • Tyre pressures

  • Surface and gradient of the road or pavement.

When should I replace the batteries of my Pathfinder 140XL?

Electric scooter batteries will last for three full years with proper care and usage. A battery can last between 3000 and 5000 miles, depending on use conditions, scooter storage conditions, and battery capacity.

Always monitor the condition of your batteries. You can check that with the scooter’s LED bar display showing battery condition. Ensure to check the battery requirements of your Pride scooter with your manual.

What are the seat dimensions of the Pathfinder 140XL?

The product specification section for this mobility aid product specifies the following seat measurements:

  • Backrest height – 47.0 cm

  • Seat width – 49.5 cm

  • Seat depth – 44.5 cm

  • Overall width – 69.2 cm

This Pathfinder has a luxurious suspension seat, providing enough head and lumbar support and armrests.

What kind of battery does a Pride 140XL scooter use?

The Pride power 140XL scooter has a 181-kg weight capacity (maximum user weight) and a top speed of 10 Km/hr. It comes standard with 2 x 12 volt 70 Ah Gel (Deep Cycle).

Do not leave your scooter on charge all the time. When you put it on a charge, leave it until it is fully charged and the light shows green. It takes about 12 hours to make it fully charged, so overnight charging is recommended.

 Pride 140XL scooter

Can I use a car battery on my Pathfinder mobility scooter 140XL?

While the boxy batteries of your automobile and Pathfinder batteries look similar, they are not exchangeable. Both vehicles use the SLA batteries technology, but the roles are not the same.

However, you can charge your scooter’s batteries from your car, which is a perfect solution for those who are out on the go a lot using their mobility scooters. Car chargers usually deliver 1.5 ampere of current, which means they can charge 10-18 Ah batteries.

Usually, it is not going to take long to charge scooter batteries from a car compared to car batteries.

How do I make my Pathfinder scooter 140XL go faster?

You can increase the speed of your Pride mobility scooter in three simple steps.

  • If your scooter is slow, upgrade your batteries. A change in batteries can result in a speed increase.

  • Find the speed limiter and adjust it. If you want, you can turn it off.

  • Reverse or rewind the scooter’s motor.

However, Pathfinder scooters use a special technology related to speed reduction. With this special technology, they reduce travel speed while turning corners.

Does the Pathfinder 140XL feature rear suspension?

Yes, it does. The Pride Pathfinder 140XL scooter features a rear-wheel-drive with both front and rear suspension.

The rear suspension is found only on full-suspension scooters, and since the Pathfinder 140XL is a full-suspension scooter, it comes with both front and rear tyres suspension.

The front-and-rear wheel suspension allows all four tires to absorb impact and keep the scooter in contact with the ground. This has two benefits:

  • It protects the vehicle from wear and tear.

  • It lessens the rider’s fatigue and stress due to bumping.

The Pride Pathfinder 140XL moves so smoothly that you will hardly feel the bumps on rough outdoor terrain. Note that scooters that have suspension are pricier than their no-suspension counterparts.

Does the Pathfinder 140XL mobility scooter use a motor?

Yes, it does, and this piece of equipment designed for mobility-challenged people is a power-operated vehicle that features a motor size of 3.453 KW. The nominal wattage for electric scooters ranges from 0.25 KW to 5 KW, while the average wattage across all models is 1.145 KW.

Other key specifications and performance features of the 140XL include:

  • Motor output: 24-volt DC motor, rear-wheel drive, sealed transaxle

  • Easy-drive tiller that tilts to a maximum incline of 10 degrees

  • Brakes: electromechanical and regenerative

  • Battery charger: 8 amperes, off-board

  • Adjustable seat to floor height: 72.39 – 68.58 cm

  • Seat type: Scooter seat with pillow top

Can the Pathfinder 140XL fit in a car?

Before you buy a mobility scooter, narrow down your options to ones that fit your lifestyle. If you will need to load the scooter on your car for travel, do you need additional accessories for that?

Here are your options:

  • Car travel – Buy lift accessories to make sure that transporting your scooter will be safe for everyone.

  • Hatchback lift – This method is a safe option that allows you to put the scooter on the rear side of your car. It is perfect for people with SUVs, minivans, or full-size vans.

  • Cargo area lift – This method provides easy loading and unloading, as you will only get the scooter onboard through sliding doors.

  • Hitch-mounted carrier lifts – This method allows raising and lowering of the trailer to be situated on the rear side of the vehicle. It can be the best option if you do not want the scooter to occupy space inside your vehicle.

  • Truck bed lifts – The scooter can be mounted on either the bed or side of a truck.

Can I attach a trailer for the Pathfinder 140XL trailer?

Yes, you can. You can attach a trailer on the rear side of the Pathfinder 140XL, which is also true for most mobility scooter models and brands.

A mobility scooter rear trailer allows transportation and storage of goods on the go. This provides an extra level of freedom for your mobility-challenged loved ones.

Features to consider when choosing a mobility scooter trailer include:

  • Removable cover to protect your belongings from rain or dust.

  • Made from shock-resistant materials

  • Trailer weight capacity and amount of available space

How much does the Pride 140XL mobility scooter cost?

The Pride 140XL mobility scooter prices vary from supplier to supplier. Most suppliers sell it at around AUS$5,500.00, which is way higher than Mobility Caring price for the device.

Mobility Caring initially offered the scooter at AUS$6,200.00, but now (March 2022) they offer it with a 24% discount. So, the company is now offering it at the discounted price of AUS$4,739.00.

Usually, people buy the Pride 140XL scooter from Mobility Caring together with the following accessories:

  • Mobility scooter flag

  • Pride Sun Canopy

  • Extra-large mobility scooter weather cover

Mobility Caring offers these accessories at discounted prices.

Pride 140XL mobility scooter

Is buying the electric Pathfinder 140XL scooter worth it?

By every measure, owning the Pathrider 140XL scooter is definitely worth it. This scooter takes up little storage space, is easy and fun to ride, can be transported easily, and comes with superior outdoor performance and speed.

If your loved ones struggle with independent movement, they can definitely benefit from this scooter in many ways:

  • Easily move out and about – The most obvious benefit is that your loved one can easily get around using this mobility scooter.

  • Easy to carry things – It is important for people with mobility issues not to carry too many things while walking. It is dangerous if they carry many things because they lack body balance.

However, the Pride 140XL with its powerful pneumatic tyres can take care of carrying all materials and movement aids that your loved ones need. It has a cane holder, a cup holder, a storage basket, and more.

  • Make doing activities easier – Your loved ones' decrease in mobility can make day-to-day activities more difficult for them to do. Activities like shopping, meeting with friends, and getting appointments can be much harder to do.

However, with the Pride 140XL and its powerful performance, you can carry out these things all by yourself. You will be able to travel, shop, and get around your community without hassle.

Does the NDIS fund mobility scooters?

Yes, the NDIS cover funding for mobility scooters as well as other mobility aids, including bathroom chairs, power lift chairs, grab bars, rails, ramps, etc.

If you need assistance to claim your NDIS funding, just talk to a Mobility Caring representative who will guide you in your application.

Mobility Caring is an NDIS-accredited company that has helped many people achieve high quality of life for the elderly and the disabled. If you are looking for a bariatric scooter, Mobility Caring can help you get this as well through the NDIS mobility program.

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