Tips for Purchasing a Manual Wheelchair


Tips for Purchasing a Manual Wheelchair

If you or a loved one finds themselves in need of a manual wheelchair, you will find the best selection here at Mobility Caring. Wheelchairs for the disabled come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most popular categories being basic wheel chairs, lightweight wheelchairs, ultralightweight wheelchairs, and heavy-duty wheelchairs.

Is there going to be a companion pushing the chair?

As a result, you will require a chair with push handles, such as a transport chair or a basic wheelchair, in this case. Also, you'll need to know what kind of strength your companion possesses and how much weight they can propel.


Will the wheelchair be able to move on its own?

If this is the case, a basic, lightweight, or ultralightweight wheelchair is recommended by Mobility Caring . If you are looking at self-propelled models, you will need to know how much strength you have and how much weight you are capable of propelling.

Self Propelled wheelchair
The Soteria Wheelchair is equipped with a sturdy steel frame coated chrome for an attractive, chip-proof, maintainable finish. Available in 4 different seat widths to suit varying user sizes.


A lower seat-to-floor height may be required for those who are shorter in stature or who "foot propel."

Weight and height are important factors to consider.

Individuals who are particularly large or tall may require wheelchairs with longer or wider seat lengths or widths, or models built with heavy-duty (HD) construction for added safety and comfort.

Time spent in a wheelchair

Mobility Caring recommends using a transport chair for short periods of time or for simple transport. In order to provide all-day or extended use options, we recommend a basic wheelchair, which is specifically designed for extended sitting time. Remember that if you are large or heavy, you may require a wheelchair with extended seat lengths or widths, as well as models with heavy-duty (HD) construction to accommodate your needs.

The Healthcare Whirl is a versatile wheelchair with a range of features to accommodate different user needs.

Wheelchairs that are operated manually are transported.

A manual wheelchair that can be disassembled and folded will be appropriate in this situation. If you are unable to lift 35 to 45 pounds on your own, you will require assistance, or you can use a vehicle lift to transport your wheelchair to your destination.

Using two chairs may be a good idea, one for short trips (because the large wheels can be removed for transport) and another for extended periods of time in one location. Our product experts are available to assist you in making the best decision possible for your specific situation.

Wheelchairs are transported in special vehicles.

Transport wheelchairs are also known as "companion chairs" or "rollabouts," and are made up of a folding frame and four caster wheels. In order to operate, they must be pulled by an attendant or accompanied. The brake controls are within easy reach of the attendant, and depending on the manufacturer and model, they may be located on or near the push handles, or they may be controlled by the attendant's foot at the rear wheel. Patient transport in these wheelchairs is a great option for patients who do not need to be in a wheelchair all of the time.

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