Disinfectant Bomb 250ml

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Disinfectant Bomb 250ml

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“Do not use on bedding, mattresses, clothing, leather or silk, polished wood, painted surfaces or acrylic plastics. Do not spray on pets …..”
No this is not a disclaimer for rat poison but is lifted directly from one of the leading brands of disinfectants. We believe there is a better way to protect yourself from germs and pandemics.

It is a single-use canister, which will dispense a disinfectant mist. This mist will disperse into all corners of a room, sanitising it in the process. Consider the mechanism similar to a cockroach bomb, but for a safe disinfectant product instead.
Essential Things to Know about the Fogger Bomb
1) Releases the same disinfectant formula as the spray bottle.
2)One-touch operation. Disperses a cloud into areas measuring up to 49 square meters.
3) Each can is single-use only.
4) It takes around 40 seconds to deplete each can of its contents.

What is our reason for launching King Mist?
First to meet global demand for quality, safe and more eco-friendly disinfectant with zero alcohol for the environment, our health and on our skin.
Secondly, it is laboratory tested and proven independently by the TGA (Therapeutic Good of Australia) to kill germs, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.
Thirdly, as it is 100% manufactured and made here in Australia, we are also supporting our local businesses.
Our King Mist disinfectant is the result of a collaboration between some of the most seasoned Australian experts and professionals, who have decades of experience in the field of chemical science,
bottling, packaging, marketing and business development. Individually, we are leaders in our field with many industry awards to boot. We are confident that our King Mist disinfectant will protect you the same way it is protecting ourselves and our family.
If you are interested in further information, please send a message to [email protected], call 1300 108 622, or speak to our representatives

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  • Australian made and owned formula
  • Water-based disinfectant (The No.1 brand on the market uses alcohol. This other brand cannot be used on
    common household services such as wood surfaces, soft fabrics, acrylic plastics)
  • Certified to kill COVID-19 by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia)
  • Tested & verified as hospital-grade disinfectant (as opposed to commercial grade)
  • We can fragrance the product exclusively to your preference: eg: Cherry Blossom Sunset | Summer Citrus |
    Fresh Cut Watermelon etc.

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